Solicitation Number: RFQ-SJR-07-2017

Solicitation Name: Building “F” Remodel with Addition-Palatka Campus

Description: SJR State is soliciting sealed bids from prequalified contractors in categories 1A and up for the addition of a painting studio and exterior terraces and connecting vestibule to Building “F” (Florida School of the Arts) and renovation of existing interior spaces. (For further details on the renovation, see ‘Description of Work” in the Invitation to Bid Document.)

Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting and Tour of Work Site: The College will conduct a pre-bid meeting with tour of the work site to follow immediately after the meeting. The meeting will be held Wednesday, November 1, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. in Room A-154, Building A, on the Palatka Campus at 5001 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka FL. Attendance will be taken. The meeting and tour are a mandatory requirement for primary bidders to be able to bid on this project. This meeting is open to the public and sub-contractors are invited but attendance is not mandatory for subs.

Document Name: Issue Date:
Invitation to Bid October 24, 2017
List of Eligible Primary Bidders November 1, 2017
Attendance Register-Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting & Tour November 1, 2017

Contact for RFQ solicitation questions:

(386) 312-4110