Financial Aid Bookcard Authorizations

Students may use book cards to purchase textbooks, including rentals, and school supplies during the Bookcard Authorization Usage Dates. Qualifying financial aid recipients may obtain a Book Card online by logging in to their MySJRstate account. Regulations prohibit us from issuing books to any-one other that the recipient of the grant and /or award.

Steps to obtaining a Financial Aid Bookcard Authorization

1. Log in to MySJRstate
2. Select the "Student" Tab
3. Under Financial Aid, select "Get Bookcard Authorization"
4. In the book authorization window, select "Request a New Book Authori-zation."
5. Follow the instructions to Accept the Agreement and "Submit Request"
6. When the Official Authorization form loads, print the form and take it to the Bookstore.

Note: If you receive any notification that indications you cannot receive a book authorization, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Third Party Billing

CareerSource In order to obtain your textbooks using CareerSource funding you will need to get a CareerSource voucher from the CareerSource representative at your campus.

CareerSource Representatives
Palatka Campus
Tammy Jackson - (386) 312-4257
Room V107, located in Counseling

Orange Park Campus
Mary Ann Nabywaniec - (904) 276-6765
Room H1129, located in the Health Science Building

St. Augustine
Gail Nowlin - (904) 819-0231 ext. 2523
525 SR 16, Suite 109, St. Augustine, FL 32084

All Other Students Receiving Third Party Funding
Please contact your third party counselor to receive the proper paperwork prior to coming to the Bookstore. Documentation for some third party billing can be obtained from the College Cashier. The Bookstore is unable to issue textbooks that are being paid by third party vendors without the proper paperwork.