Rental Textbook - Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I rent textbooks?
The Bookstore will begin renting textbooks for each term as posted. Textbooks will be available for rent through the entire term as long as supplies last. To complete a rental agreement, you must:
    1. Be at least 18 years of age;
    2. Currently be enrolled at SJR State in the course you wish to rent the textbook for;
    3. Provide a photo ID; and
    4. Sign a Textbook Rental Agreement form
If you wish to review the Textbook Rental Agreement Terms & Conditions, please follow the link provided at the top of the page.
Textbooks will be rented for a single term, and must be returned by the last day of the term. Failure to return the textbook by the due date or to maintain it in a reusable condition will cause additional charges as noted below.

Will Financial Aid pay for my textbook rentals? more
Yes, you can use your financial aid to pay for your rental textbooks. Just bring in your financial aid bookcard authorization and a photo ID with you when you come to rent your textbooks.

Steps to obtaining a Financial Aid Bookcard Authorization:
    1. Log in to MySJRstate
    2. Select the “Student” tab
    3. Under Financial Aid, select “Get Bookcard Authorization”
    4. In the book authorization window, select “Request a New Book Authorization”
    5. Follow the instructions to Accept the Agreement and “Submit Request”
    6. When the Official Authorization form loads, print the form and take it to the Bookstore. You must have a photo ID with you to use your Bookcard.

    Contact the Financial Aid Office if you cannot obtain the Bookcard online.

What forms of payment do you accept? more
Accepted forms of payment for rental textbooks include:

Credit Card
Financial Aid

Can I write or highlight in the rental textbook? more
You are allowed to do some highlighting in the rental textbooks, but it should not be excessive. No writing is allowed. The book needs to remain in reusable condition so that students may take advantage of the program the next term.

If I drop or change my class, can I get a refund? more
Rental books may be returned for a refund through the refund deadline as noted on the rental agreement. Students withdrawing from one or more courses after the refund date may return rented textbooks at any time up until the last day of class, but no refunds will be issued.

When do I have to return my rental textbook? more
All rental textbooks are due back to the Bookstore on the last day of the term or summer session in which you rented the textbook. Return your textbook(s) at the Textbook Rental Counter in any SJR State Bookstore.

If the rental textbook is not returned by the due date, a late charge of $5 per book per business day will be assessed until the rental textbooks are returned. The late fee per book will not exceed the list price of the book less the rental charge, plus a $10 transaction fee. After 10 business days of non-return, a charge will be placed on the student’s College account for the list price of the book less the rental charge, plus a $10 transaction fee. The student’s account will be placed on hold until all fees due are paid. Additionally, the book will no longer be returnable or eligible for sale to the bookstore during buy-back.

Rental textbooks will be inspected upon return to assure usability for future terms. Writing or excessive highlighting, damage beyond normal wear and tear, removal of the rental sticker, or any type of water (or any other liquid) damage will deem the textbook non-returnable. The student will be responsible for paying the current list price less the rental charge plus a $10 transaction fee for every rental book that is lost, stolen, or deemed non-returnable.

It is the student’s responsibility to inspect the book before renting for excessive highlighting, writing, or damage. If there is highlighting, writing or damage in the rental book, the student needs to inform the rental clerk so that the existing damage can be reported on their rental agreement. The student will not be responsible for any recorded damage to the book.

What if I decide I want to keep the rental textbook? more
If you decide that you would like to keep the rental textbook, simply come to the Bookstore, before the return deadline, and a cashier will help you with the purchase of the book. You will be charged the current list price less the rental charge plus a $10 transaction fee. Feel free to call the Bookstore to get purchase pricing information. The book will then belong to you, but it is not eligible for sale to the bookstore during buy-back.

Can I rent textbooks for my child/spouse/friend? more
No, the student wishing to rent the textbook must be present. To rent the textbook, the student must sign a rental agreement. No one other than the person entering the agreement can sign it. The Bookstore is open extended hours at the end and beginning of each term to help accommodate student’s schedules, including some Saturdays. Please see the Bookstore’s Homepage for hours of operation.

Why is there a barcode on the front of my rental textbook? more
Each rental textbook has a unique barcode located on the front cover. When a student rents a textbook, the barcode is recorded in the Textbook Rental Agreement. When the student returns the textbook, the barcode is used to confirm the student is returning the textbook they originally rented. If you think you might have mixed up your rental textbook with another student’s textbook, please feel free to contact the Bookstore and we can let you know who the rental textbook belongs to. If you do return someone else’s textbook and they do not return yours, you will be responsible for the un-returned textbook.

Can I return my rental textbook by mail? more
Yes, rental textbooks can be returned by mail. Please ship them to:

SJR State Bookstore
Attn: Textbook Rental Coordinator
5001 St. Johns Avenue
Palatka FL 32177

Please include your name, contact information, and student ID number (if available) on a piece of paper inside of the package in case there are any issues.

Books received with a postmark date later than the due date will be subject to late fees. Late fees will be charged to your student account. If textbooks that are received by mail are deemed non-returnable, then the replacement fee for the book will be charged to your student account. We are not responsible for packages lost in the mail. If you would like to be notified when your textbook is checked in, please email Rachel Benson, Textbook Rental Coordinator, at and request notification. It is also a good idea to let her know that you are shipping your textbooks so that she can make sure they arrive.

Please note: Automated rental return reminder emails and phone calls are sent out based on the status in our rental system. You may receive emails and/or phone calls if the package does not arrive until after the due date. We do not check the rental textbooks in until they arrive but the return date is based on the postmarked date.

I won’t be able to return my textbook by the due date. What should I do? more
If you know ahead of time that you will be unable to return your textbook by the due date, please contact Rachel Benson, Textbook Rental Coordinator. The Bookstore does offer a one business day grace period after the due date. No late fees are charged during the grace period.

Is every book available for rent? more
Not all textbooks are available for rent at this time. Books such as workbooks, lab manuals, study guides, and other consumable books are not available for rent. The SJR State Bookstore is continually working to add more titles to our rental program each term.