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Lynn Powers (Ext. 4116)
Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO
Inquiries on policies and procedures related to finance
and human resources office operations.

Nancy Gonzalez (Ext. 4120)
Assistant Director of Business Services
Budget for Unrestricted Funds
Property Control

Randy Peterson (Ext. 4022)
General Accounting
Accounting Guidelines
Financial oversight for Federal, State
    and Local Grant Programs
Financial Reporting
Auditing Inquiries

Beverly Barker (Ext. 4110)
Director of Capital Contract Management
Fund 7 (Construction/Capital funds)
Solicitation Guidelines/Bids/RFPs (Capital Projects)
Contract Administration
Banner Financial Access

Julianne Young (Ext. 4156)
Director of Purchasing & Auxiliary Services
Bookstore Operations
Vending/Food Service
Central Receiving
Vendor Relations
P-Card Administrator
Competitive Solicitations
Professional Services Contracts

Cindy Reed (Ext. 4125)
Accounting Manager
Financial Reporting-Grants
Payment Plan
Collection Agency
Refund Inquiries
1098 T's

Paige Watts (Ext. 4282)
Administrative Assistant to the VP
Administrative Support
Office Management

Lonell Segars (Ext. 4122)
Accountant, Payroll & Property Control
Status of W-2's
Status of Time Sheets
Status of a Payroll Check
Payroll Direct Deposits
Payroll Tax Reports
Property/Annual Inventory Support

Karen Haskell (Ext. 4121)
Accounting Technician - Cashier
Student Account Inquiries
1098 T's
Student Refund Inquiries
Collection Agency Inquires
Parking Decals (students)

Kelly Lewis (Ext. 4118)
Accounting Technician
Fuel Credit Card
1099s T's
Vendor Checks
ACH payments
Abandoned Property (Vendor)
Vendor Direct Deposit

Karen Gresham (Ext. 4119)
Accounts Payable Technician
Travel Request
Petty Cash
Abandoned Property (Students)
P-Card Reconciliation
Record Management

Virginia Jones (Ext. 4032)
Student inquiries
Student Checks
Student Payment Plan
Refund Inquiries
Collection Agency Inquiries
Parking Decals (students)

Jennifer Raymond (Ext. 4065)
Purchasing & Auxiliary Services Specialist
Auxiliary Services
Vendor Relations
Competitive Solicitations
Professional Service Contracts

Alma Johnson (Ext. 4060)
Purchasing Specialist
Vendor Relations
Competitive Solicitations
Professional Service Contracts

(Ext. 4198)
Part-Time Property Inventory Clerk
Tag and Inventory of College Property
Sales of Surplus Property
Property Reissuance website