Business Office
Faculty/Staff Contacts

  • Lynn Powers (Ext. 4116)
    Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO
    Inquiries on policies and procedures related to finance and human resources office operations.
  • Nancy Gonzalez (Ext. 4120)
    Assistant Director of Business Services
    Budget for Unrestricted Funds
    Property Control
  • Randy Peterson (Ext. 4022)
    General Accounting
    Accounting Guidelines
    Financial oversight for Federal, State
        and Local Grant Programs
    Financial Reporting
    Auditing Inquiries
  • Beverly Barker (Ext. 4110)
    Director of Capital Contract Management
    Fund 7 (Construction/Capital funds)
    Solicitation Guidelines/Bids/RFPs (Capital Projects)
    Contract Administration
    Banner Financial Access
  • Julianne Young (Ext. 4156)
    Director of Purchasing & Auxiliary Services
    Bookstore Operations
    Vending/Food Service
    Central Receiving
    Vendor Relations
    P-Card Administrator
    Competitive Solicitations
    Professional Services Contracts
  • Cindy Reed (Ext. 4125)
    Accounting Manager
    Financial Reporting-Grants
    Payment Plan
    Collection Agency
    Refund Inquiries
    1098 T's
  • Paige Watts (Ext. 4282)
    Administrative Assistant to the VP
    Administrative Support
    Office Management
  • Lonell Segars (Ext. 4122)
    Accountant, Payroll & Property Control
    Status of W-2's
    Status of Time Sheets
    Status of a Payroll Check
    Payroll Direct Deposits
    Payroll Tax Reports
    Property/Annual Inventory Support

  • Karen Haskell (Ext. 4121)
    Accounting Technician - Cashier
    Student Account Inquiries
    1098 T's
    Student Refund Inquiries
    Collection Agency Inquires
    Parking Decals (students)
  • Kelly Lewis (Ext. 4118)
    Accounting Technician
    Fuel Credit Card
    1099s T's
    Vendor Checks
    ACH payments
    Abandoned Property (Vendor)
    Vendor Direct Deposit
  • Karen Gresham (Ext. 4119)
    Accounts Payable Technician
    Travel Request
    Petty Cash
    Abandoned Property (Students)
    P-Card Reconciliation
    Record Management
  • Virginia Jones (Ext. 4032)
    Student inquiries
    Student Checks
    Student Payment Plan
    Refund Inquiries
    Collection Agency Inquiries
    Parking Decals (students)
  • Jennifer Raymond (Ext. 4065)
    Purchasing & Auxiliary Services Specialist
    Auxiliary Services
    Vendor Relations
    Competitive Solicitations
    Professional Service Contracts
  • Alma Johnson (Ext. 4060)
    Purchasing Specialist
    Vendor Relations
    Competitive Solicitations
    Professional Service Contracts
  • Aashton Hodge (Ext. 4198)
    Courier/Business Services Clerk
    Inter-campus Courier Service for the College
    Tag and Inventory of College Property
    Sales of Surplus Property
    Property Reissuance website