Career Services
  Employers - Promote and Engage

Promote your organization and engage our students by getting involved on campus and inviting us to your workplace. This is your opportunity to impact your future workforce.

To get involved, contact the appropriate department in our list of contacts.

Host Field Trips
Field trips expose our students to the realities of your industry and enhance their understanding of your expectations. Field trips can help students discover and get excited about careers that they never knew about prior to visiting you.
Present in the Classroom
Bringing your expertise to the classroom helps bring to life the subject matter being taught. Sharing your stories or covering a specific topic from the perspective of your employer or industry can greatly impact student learning.

Request Appointment to an Advisory Board
We would like for you to consider continuing your involvement with the College by participating in activities of a Workforce Development Department Advisory Committee. Advisory Committees function as the linkage between the College and the community to assure that there are adequate opportunities for individuals to develop, maintain, and advance their careers and citizenship capabilities and that these are related to the needs of the community. The extent and quality of the involvement of community representatives (YOU!) is a determining factor in the degree to which the educational needs of individuals and the community are met by the College.

The initial appointment for membership to an Advisory Committee is for one year. Subsequent appointments may be for one or two years. Typically, Committees meet once per semester for about one hour.