Career Services - Step 1
  What is a Self-Assessment?

Self-assessment tools provide you with information about yourself so that you are in a better position to evaluate career choices and select the best fit.

INTERESTS What do you like?
VALUES What is important to you? Your lifestyle? Your work environment?
SKILLS What are your strengths? What skills would you like to develop?
PREFERENCES What suits my personality?
LEARNING STYLE How do I learn best?

Making a career choice can be challenging today. Exploring careers involves comparing what you know about yourself (self-assessment results) with characteristics of careers so that you may answer questions such as these:
  • Which college degrees and programs (majors) will prepare me for the career I am considering?
  • What are the differences between the day to day tasks of different occupations within a career?
  • What skills and knowledge are required?
  • What are the job opportunities, outlook (growth or decline) and salaries?
Exploring who you are and what you do best can be a difficult and frustrating task especially when it comes to deciding what you are going to do with your life. But this is not a task you need to face alone. Counselors and Workforce Advisors are available to assist you with the results of your assessments.

The following pages provide assessments. Click here to print your Career Planning Worksheet where you may document your results of each assessment.

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