Career Services - Step 2
  How to choose a degree or major
Deciding on a major is a big step in the life of every college student. It is important to know yourself well as you explore the possibilities available to you. Be sure to consider your interests, abilities, experiences, and values and how they relate to college majors and potential careers.

CISCO logoCareer Coach helps make the connection between SJR State programs and occupations. Although major does not always determine career, there are some occupations that require specific licensing or certification. Workforce, or career and technical education programs, are designed to provide you with the education required for you to be eligible to sit for the necessary licensing or certification exam.   These programs are called Associate in Science (A.S.) Degrees or Certificate programs. In this case it is absolutely necessary to choose a specific degree program. Opportunities to advance into bachelor’s degree programs are still available but keep you on the same career pathway. SJR State has several bachelor’s degree programs designed to seamlessly accept graduates from A.S. degree programs.

To learn more about the difference between an Associate in Arts degree program and a Workforce program, visit the degree page of the SJR State web site.

student reading“What can I do with this major?” One-stop shopping resource for exploring in a general way, not specific to any one college or university, the typical linkages between majors, programs and careers. provides assistance to students in identifying majors that fit them best. Take the assessment to find the majors that match your interests. Users can research more than 1,600 college majors and 40,000 pages of detailed career information.  You can find colleges and universities by the majors offered as well as location, school size and other criteria you find important in making a college choice.

Connecting a major to a career is a challenge for many students. Remember, with the exception of occupations requiring specific licensing or certification, your major does not always determine your career. College graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields. With careful planning, you can develop career-related skills and experiences that can prepare you for almost any job or graduate school field.  If you are seeking a general education at SJR State so that you may transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at SJR State or a college or university, you may wish to explore the Associate in Arts degree.

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