Career Services - Step 3
  Developing a Job Search Campaign

Developing a job search campaign can be a difficult and frustrating task especially in a struggling economy. But this is not a task you need to face alone. Here at St. Johns River State College we have several resources available to help you.  This section of our virtual career center reviews each step of the job search process:
  1. Develop your communication tools: Prepare professional letters, resumes and social media profiles. Practice your networking abilities and interview skills.

  2. Connect with potential employers, bachelor’s programs or graduate schools: Conduct research through professional associations, social media, employment and graduate school web sites, and career fairs.  Use the St. Johns River State College official job board the College Central Network.

  3. Follow-up and negotiate: Maintain your professional network by thanking individuals who have helped you along the way. If you receive multiple job offers be prepared to evaluate each offer and accept/decline positions professionally.
Remember, being able to communicate a clear career goal is essential! 

You must establish a match between your background and abilities and those being sought by the employers. If you do not develop this foundation, you may have trouble communicating in your letters, resume, and interviews that you are the best candidate for the job.

If the next step in your journey is a bachelor’s degree or graduate school, you may have to share the same information in an admission essay or interview. 

For more preparation to develop and communicate your career goals, visit the self-assessment and career exploration sections of the virtual career center. If you are ready, then move forward to the career research and employment resources tab.

For more information on how to get started:
Article: Researching Employers, NACE

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