Career Services - Step 3
  How to apply to graduate school

The decision to go to graduate school is an important one. In a tight economy, returning to school may seem appealing.  Consider the return on your investment by asking yourself these questions.
  • Will more education allow you to advance within your profession? 
  • What is it that you truly want to do with your career?
If your goal cannot be met without furthering your education, then graduate school may be for you. How do you determine this? Please review the Explore Careers tab and use our Career Coach system. 

Also, consider the commitment of graduate school. Do you have the time, motivation, and money at this time to pursue it? Think about what will be competing for you time in your personal and professional life. Would you need to make adjustments to your schedule and your budget? How do you feel about making these changes?

Article: Graduate School Application Timeline

Review these resources for further information:

SJR State Financial Resources

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