Career Services - Step 3
  Networking and Negotiating Offers

It’s not just who you know,
it’s who knows you.

To be at the right place at the right time, with a smile, articulate message and strong hand strake used to be enough to network effectively to land an opportunity. Today, with social media and the Internet a professional virtual presence is a must along with these critical interpersonal skills.

The Internet and Social Media
Your virtual presence is the only window employers have into your life. Make it count. Keep it positive. It tells them how you will represent them if employed.
  • Manage your privacy settings on social media sites such as Facebook
  • Do not post unprofessional photos or controversial comments
  • Be careful not to participate in negative and derogatory blog discussions
  • Once it is “out there” content is difficult to remove

  • Social Media Sites:
    Like the College Facebook Page
    Like the College Twitter Page
Using Linked In
Linked In is the most widely used professional network on the Internet. Create your profile with a professional photo, headline including your area of study or career ambitions, and experiences that reflect character and leadership. Use key-words so that employers can find you.
Linkedin connect
Get Involved with Professional Associations
Weddle’s Directory
Career Research and Employment Resources

Negotiate Offers (PDF)

Salary and Cost of Living Calculators
Nationwide Salary Surveys
Salary List
City, Town, Info
Cost of Living Calculator

Additional Resources:
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