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We are pleased you have chosen to take advantage of Dual Enrollment at SJR State and are providing the information below to help ease your transition into college life.

Student E-mail Account and Online Courses

Your SJR State e-mail account is a fast, easy way for the College to contact you regarding important issues such as registration, deadlines, grades, graduation, etc. You should use your SJR State e-mail account to contact your instructors, and you should regularly check this account because the College and your instructors will use it to contact you.

To access your SJR State e-mail account log on to the MySJRstate portal and click on the “Student E-mail” tab. The first time you log on, click on user acceptance policy agreement to get your MySJRstate ID and to create a password.

If you need help with your MySJRstate email account contact call 1-888-757-2293 or e-mail webhelp@vikings.sjrstate.edu. Login Help

To access your online courses log in to the MySJRstate portal and click “MyCourses.” If you do not log into your online class within the first week, you will be dropped as a “No Show.”

Final Course Grade, Schedule Changes and Transcript Request

SJR State Final Course Grades - Grades are not mailed out at the end of the semester. To find out your final grades log onto the MySJRstate portal and click on the "Student" tab - under "Student Quick Links" click on "View Grades."

Schedule Changes - Before any change to your schedule can be made, you must have your high school guidance counselor's approval. The guidance counselor will then advise you how to proceed. Withdrawing from a class will make you permanently ineligible to participate in Dual Enrollment.

Please consult SJR State's academic calendar for important dates such as the last day of add/drop and the last day to withdraw from a class.

As a Dual Enrollment student, you cannot register for your classes online using Web registration or after registering change your classes online using Web registration. Doing so will result in your being dropped from all of your classes at SJR State. Please see your high school counselor for advise.

Requesting Transcripts - Only you can request your transcript. You can visit the Records Web page to order an official transcript or view your unofficial transcript online in the MySJRstate portal under "Student Quick Links."

Attendance Policy and Academic Calendar

Regular and prompt attendance is expected and required in all SJR State classes. Excessive absences may subject the student to administrative withdrawal, a loss of quality points, loss of credit, or dismissal from the College. If a student accumulates recorded absences totaling three or more instructional hours (50 minutes) during the withdrawal period (see academic calendar), the instructor may initiate an official warning to the student that he/she has reached the limit of allowed recorded absences.

Further, the loss of instructional time through absences may result in the student being withdrawn from the course, unless the instructor, because of extenuating circumstances, permits the student to remain in the course.

No student may be withdrawn from a course for loss in instructional hours without first being warned in regard to the limit of recorded absences.

Academic Calendar - Dual Enrollment students taking classes at SJR State need to be aware of the SJR State academic calendar. You are responsible for adhering to all deadlines and attending all scheduled classes, even if SJR State's classes meet on a holiday observed by your high school.

Library, Tutors, and Student Services

Library Services - SJR State's library resources are available to all Dual Enrollment students. Students are eligible for and should get an SJR State Student ID/library card. SJR State librarians are available at all campuses and via e-mail to assist you with your research needs.

Campus Activities, Learning Labs, Tutors, and Other Student Services - Campus activities are open to all Dual Enrollment students at all campuses. Be sure to check out the SJR State campus that you attend to see what activities are available to you. In addition to student activities, on each campus, there is a learning lab where students can use computers and get assistance from tutors. See the Student Services Web site for more information.

Graduating Seniors

Key Points to Remember
1. Dual enrollment is the start of your college transcript. The grades you earn in dual enrollment will follow you forever.

2. Please be aware of your college GPA. Take dual enrollment courses seriously. These grades can affect your college admissions, Bright futures, and financial aid eligibility.

3. Students that earn a grade below “C” or withdraw from a course will be removed from the dual enrollment program.

4. If a student’s high school unweighted GPA drops below 3.0, they will be removed from the dual enrollment program.

5. Keep track of the last day to add/drop and withdraw from your Dual Enrollment courses.