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Admission Procedures
Qualified students are encouraged to submit an application for admission into SJR State's Honors Program to the Office of Arts and Sciences. The Office of Arts and Sciences will verify program eligibility and admit students into the Honors Program. Upon admittance, students will receive information on how to register for the course Honors Disciplinary Explorations (IDS 1110), which is required as an orientation course for all students entering the Honors Program. Not all Honors courses will be offered each semester. The course schedule will reflect Honors course availability.

Requirements to Continue in the Honors Program
Students must maintain a minimum cumulative 3.5 college GPA in order to remain in the Honors Program. If a student’s GPA falls below 3.5, the student will be placed on Honors Program probation and will be given one semester to achieve the required cumulative GPA.

Honors Program Completion
To complete the honors program and receive graduation and transcript recognition, the student must complete the 3 credit course IDS 1110 Honors Explorations in addition to 9 other credit hours of honors coursework and perform 40 hours of community service which should involve general community service and service to the College community.

The Office of Arts and Sciences will approve and maintain documentation of the community service. Honors students will be responsible for contacting the Office of Arts and Sciences by the deadline to apply for graduation to ensure they receive Honors graduation and transcript recognition.

Honors Courses
Honors courses will be developed by full-time professors of the College based on their interest and student demand. The following have been suggested, but this is not intended to be a definitive list. The courses should be from the fields of Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Social Science, and Science:

IDS 1110 Honors Explorations- required of all Honors students
AMH 2010 Honors United States History to 1877
AMH 2020 Honors United States History since 1877
ARH 2050 Honors Art History I
ARH 2051 Honors Art History II
BSC 2010 Honors Principles of Biology I
BSC 2010L Honors Laboratory for Principles for Biology I
BSC 2011 Honors Principles of Biology II
BSC 2011L Honors Laboratory for Principles for Biology II
BSC 2085 Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSC 2085L Honors Laboratory for Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSC 2086 Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BSC 2086L Honors Laboratory for Human Anatomy and Physiology II
CHM 1045 Honors General Chemistry I
CHM 1045L Honors Laboratory for General Chemistry I
DEP 2004 Honors Human Growth and Development
ECO 2013 Honors Macroeconomics
ECO 2023 Honors Microeconomics
ENC 1101 Honors Composition I
ENC 1102 Honors Composition II
HUM 2020 Honors Introduction to Humanities
MAC 1105 Honors College Algebra
MAC 1147 Honors Precalculus
MCB 2010 Honors Microbiology
MCB 2010L Honors Laboratory for Microbiology
PHI 2630 Honors Contemporary Ethics
POS 1041 Honors United State Federal Government
PSY 2012 Honors General Psychology
STA 2023 Honors Elementary Statistics
SYG 1000 Honors Introduction to Sociology
WOH 1012 Honors World Civilization to 1600
WOH 1022 Honors World Civilization since 1600