Mission Statement
St. Johns River State College, an open-access, public institution of higher education in Northeast Florida, promotes excellence in teaching and learning to enrich the lives of its students and strengthen its community. The College offers certificates, associate and baccalaureate degrees, and provides high-quality education, training, and cultural opportunities to encourage scholarly achievement. St. Johns River State College creates a supportive learning environment that includes services and resources to enable students to meet their educational goals.

To be a leader in student-centered education that inspires and transforms lives and communities.

St. Johns River State College is committed to following shared values in fulfilling our mission and vision:

• Academic Excellence - The College promotes academic rigor and exceptional performance through an engaged learning
environment; high expectations for students, faculty and staff; and a focus on continuous improvement and achievement.

• Student-focused - Students are at the core of the College’s mission as an educational institution. The College aligns its
decisions, resources and environment to promote student learning, growth, and independence and empowers students
to reach their educational goals.

• Integrity - The College promotes a culture of honesty, fairness, mutual respect and ethical conduct.

• Accountability - The College promotes a culture of personal and shared responsibility that allows for ownership, growth
and leadership in the classroom, in the workplace and in the community.

• Diversity - The College fosters an inclusive learning community, which recognizes and respects the experience, values, and
learning styles of all members of the College community.