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April 2009

Orange Park Campus students honored at awards ceremony

St. Johns River Community College administrators, faculty and staff recently gathered to honor students on the Orange Park Campus for their academic achievements and participation in campus activities.

Robert Cox, Cynthia Howell, Jason Perry, Candace Russ and Adam Ryan were recognized as the 2009 inductees into the SJRCC Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame award is presented each year to a select number of students who are recommended by the faculty for their academic excellence and extracurricular involvement.

Students recognized for Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges were: Chaun Carroll, Robert Cox, Laura Hochlinski, Sean Horne, Cynthia Howell, Alan Mosbach, Jason Perry, Candace Russ, Adam Ryan, Mary Termer, Malek Williams and Heather Wilson.

The Dr. Gary B. Lott Memorial Scholarship, in honor of the late SJRCC administrator, was presented to Candace Russ.

Outstanding students in individual classes were recognized by their instructors in the areas of mathematics, psychology, human growth and development, economics, physics, human anatomy, biology and health information systems.

Student Government Association secretary Maria Aguirre presented Unsung Hero Awards to campus librarian Dixie Yeager, public service librarian Eric Biggs, library circulation manager Marjorie Craig, library technical assistant Joan Hayes and Rosemarie Warner, owner of Rosie's Food Service in the student center.

The awards ceremony also provided an opportunity to recognize the many clubs offered on the Orange Park Campus as well as the presidents, advisors and members who help make it all happen.

SJRCC's active campus life is an open door for students to meet new people and take part in a dynamic teamwork and leadership capacity in clubs and organizations. These clubs and organizations provide extracurricular activities on campus and an opportunity for the students to participate in community service projects.


The 2009 inductees into the SJRCC Hall of Fame are front row, from left: Cynthia Howell, Jason Perry and Candace Russ. Second row: Robert Cox and Adam Ryan.

The SJRCC Orange Park campus Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges are first row, from left: Cynthia Howell, Jason Perry, Candace Russ, Adam Ryan and Malek Williams. Second row: Sean Horne, Chaun Carroll, Robert Cox, Laura Hochlinski, Alan Mosbach. Not pictured: Mary Termer and Heather Wilson.

Faculty advisor Mike Keller recognized Math Club members for their achievement in this year's National Mathematics Competition, where the team placed second. Front row, from left: Maria Roemer, Karolyn Capes and Amelia Nordin. Back row, from left: Heather Stokes and Robert Cox. Not pictured: Anna Morgan, Mary Termer and Chris Kramer

Achievement awards were presented for Psychology and Human Growth and Development. Front row, left to right: Jessica Vondette, William Warren, Amber Rivera and psychology instructor Jennifer Williams. Back row, left to right: Miriam Yoder, Elizabeth Adams, Sherry Boutwell, Krista Cruise and Matthew Skipper. Not pictured: Rana Azer.

Psychology instructor Mary Marcus presents Kevin Mohr with an award for achievement.

Evgenia Smith receives an achievement award for Physics from instructor Denver Key. Smith was also recognized for achievement in Human Anatomy

Awards for achievement in Macroeconomics and/or Microeconomics were presented by instructor Kristen Wolfe. From left: Shannon Campbell, Anna Morgan, Richard Hall, Rita Gray, Collin Cunninghame, Karolyn Capes and instructor Kristen Wolfe.

Instructor Cathy Wright(center) presented Biology awards to, from left: Anna Morgan for the fall term; Jeannie Malone for the fall term; Amelia Nordin for the spring term; and Evgenia Smith for Outstanding Student. Not pictured: Samantha Neely, Most Improved Student.

Director of Health Information Management Sheila Newberry (right) presented the award for achievement in Health Information Systems to Jennifer Knight.

SGA secretary Maria Aguirre presented Unsung Hero Awards to (from left): Marjorie Craig, library circulation manager; Dixie Yeager, campus librarian; and Rosemarie Warner of Rosi's Food Service. Not pictured: Eric Biggs, public service librarian; and Joan Hayes, library technical assistant.

Student Activities Coordinator John "Coach K" Kirkpatrick presented awards for the campus' Annual Chili Cook-off. Alan Mosbach (left) won the student division for "Garage Chili," and Denver Key (right) won the faculty and staff division for "Mile High Chili."

Nature Environment Club award recipients were from left: Jeff Cluever, Chaun Carroll, Jennifer Ktomey, Sean Horne, Saul Alcineus and Kaila Lovell.

PTK awards were presented to front row, from left: Jackie Lampke, secretary; Jason Perry, vice president; and Jennifer Williams, faculty advisor. Back row, from left: Chaun Carroll, president-elect; Maria Aguirre, treasurer; and Candace Russ, president. Not pictured: Heather Wilson, vice president; and Maddy McGuigan. Russ and Perry were also named PTK Members of the Year.

Additional PTK awards were presented to (from left): Sean Horne, Carrie Abell and John Kirkpatrick.

Jessica Vondette (left) and Carrie Abell (right) received Phi Theta Kappa scholarships. Not pictured: Andjie Fenelon.

Student Government Association awards were presented to front row, from left: Jason Perry, vice president; Jackie Lampke, representative; and Maria Aguirre, secretary; Back row, from left: Sean Horne, president; Candace Russ, treasurer; and representatives Collin Cunninghame, Kaila Lovell and Chaun Carroll.

Campus Crusade for Christ president Shaun Saulsberry and advisor Shirley Eubanks.

Math Club vice president Amelia Nordin and advisor Mike Keller.

President of the Military Veterans Association Alan Mosbach (left) is recognized by student activities coordinator John Kirkpatrick.

Moms Study Group president Shannon Jordan (left) and advisor Tonia Hoffman.

Nature Environment Club president Kaila Lovell (left) is recognized by SGA advisor Kristen Wolfe.

Phi Theta Kappa president Candace Russ (left) and advisor Jennifer Williams.

SHIMA president Teresa Vincent (left) and advisor Sheila Newberry.

Student Government Association president Sean Horne and advisor Kristen Wolfe.

Student Ambassadors, front row: Jason Perry and Candace Russ; back row: Chaun Carroll, Sean Horne and advisor John Kirkpatrick.

Counselor Donna Dvorak presented the Dr. Gary B. Lott Scholarship to Candace Russ. The scholarship is awarded in honor of the late SJRCC administrator.

Dr. William Simmons, Provost of the Orange Park Campus, was also acknowledged at the ceremony. Simmons will retire after serving the College for 13 years. Front row, from left: Candace Russ, Dr. Simmons, Jason Perry and Jackie Lampke. Back row, from left: Maria Aguirre, Sean Horne, Collin Cunninghame and Kaila Lovell.

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