APRIL 2013

SJR State business students visit Magic destinations

SJR State business students recently experienced the many aspects of the real business world when they traveled to Orlando and toured two dynamic, yet very different business operations. One stop enlightened them on the corporate side of professional sports, while the other gave them a first-hand glimpse of a global entrepreneurship.

At Clean the World, students met with executives of the not-for-profit recycling corporation. The field trip included overviews on the recycling process as well as the corporation’s marketing and promotional aspects. At Clean the World, soap and shampoo products discarded by the hospitality industry are collected, cleaned and recycled as reusable soap. The products are then delivered to homeless shelters and impoverished countries.

Professor Ryan Parris said it was a good experience for business students to interact and network with a company that, in only four years, expanded from a garage operation to having locations in Orlando, Las Vegas, Canada and Asia.

The next stop on the field trip was a visit to the Orlando Magic and the new Amway Arena. Parris said students toured the arena and asked the sales executives questions to better understand the business side of sporting events. “During their tour, students learned about the Orlando Magic and how they sell a product. The Magic are in the business of selling a product of ‘creating memories,’” Parris said. “The students ended their tour with a 45-minute Q&A session with the sales executive and sales manager.”

SJR State student Marsha Vickers said she gained insight on what companies look for when hiring. “It was interesting to learn about what they look for in their employees,” Vickers said. Besides a degree, “The Magic looks for people who have great attitudes.”

Parris said on-site tours are crucial in providing students with a better understanding of business concepts that, until now, have only been studied in class. "It gives students a greater understanding to see all the aspects of business working cohesively together - from budgeting and revenue streams to building partnerships and working with volunteers," Parris said. "It's where classroom learning and the real-world meet head on and provide students with a new synthesis of knowledge."

Prior field trips have included EverBank Field and the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Jacksonville Port Authority and Vac-Con.

SJR State students experiencing the “Magic” were, from left: Austin Heiman, Renee Seeraj, Vivian Couto Professor Ryan Parris, Marsha Vickers, Shelby Phlemons, Darlissa Gil, Alejandro Espana and Marcus Smith.