SJR State welcomes Angela Sockwell as dean of criminal justice and public safety

Angel Sockwell

St. Johns River State College welcomes Angela Sockwell as dean of the College’s criminal justice and public safety program. Sockwell, who received her master’s degree in criminal justice from Troy University and a bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Warner University, brings a wealth of specialized training and experience to the College. In addition, she has received numerous sheriff’s, bureau and division commendations in recognition of exceptional investigative work.

Sockwell previously served as a training coordinator and adjunct instructor at Polk State College’s Institute of Public Safety, where she also received her Associate of Arts degree in Criminal Justice. Additionally, Sockwell attended the basic law enforcement academy at the Criminal Justice Academy of Osceola and completed the Certified Public Manager program at Florida State University.

“I come into this position with a passion for the students, their education, and success,” Sockwell said. “I want to see our students succeed. To me, success is achieving their dreams, and that’s what I want to see happen here. I want us to be the vehicle by which they succeed.”

“Here in the Criminal Justice Academy, we have a talented crew of people - instructors and administrative staff,” Sockwell continued. “My vision is to continue forward, moving toward excellence and providing the students with excellent service, an excellent education and ensuring that they are gainfully employed when they leave here. The vision is excellence,” she stated.

Sockwell’s criminal justice career began in 1998 as a deputy for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. There, she advanced through various positions before becoming lieutenant of the Uniform Patrol Division, where she provided daily leadership, guidance and training to a patrol platoon consisting of a sergeant and a team of deputy sheriffs. Sockwell also has experience within PCSO’s Criminal Investigations Division, in both the Narcotics Section and Special Victims Unit, and for the agency’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

About her long-term goals for the criminal justice and public safety program at SJR State, Sockwell said, “I would like to see us move toward national accreditation. My long-term goal is for us to be nationally accredited with CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies.”

SJR State’s eight criminal justice programs are offered on the St. Augustine campus. Cadets receive job-related training for entry-level employment in their career field and are eligible to take the state certification exam upon completion of the corrections and law enforcement basic recruit programs.

Day classes for law enforcement begin January 2016, and night classes start in August. Additionally, applications are currently being accepted for the corrections program for 2016. For more information, contact SJR Sate’s criminal justice academy at (904) 808-7490 or visit the website at

Angela Sockwell has joined SJR State as the dean of criminal justice and public safety. Sockwell previously worked as a lieutenant for the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and as an adjunct instructor at Polk State College.