JUNE 2015

Students, faculty return from the 2015 Study Abroad trip to Greece


A message from Dr. Krista Ubbels:

We were so fortunate this year and took advantage of the excellent euro rate. We arrived in Athens and hit the ground running.

We went right up to the Acropolis to view the magnificent architecture and modern sprawling city below. Students really learned the value of the Elgin Marbles and the political message that art and culture can convey.

We then headed to the ancient island of Santorini for more archaeological splendors as well as breathtaking views from the iconic white-capped city.

We climbed the volcano, dined cliffside and enjoyed island life. We then made our way north to Thessaloniki and enjoyed the cosmopolitan city as well as the ancient territory of Alexander the Great! The tombs of Philip the II were filled with unfathomable amounts of golden treasures.

A day trip to the Byzantine monasteries of Meteora proved to be truly awe-inspiring.  From there we headed to the Oracle of Delphi, the "belly-button" of the ancient world and the sites of the Temple of Apollo and Athena Pronaia. We had one last day in Athens to relax and joined in traditional Greek style dancing with dinner!

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