Meet Kacie

When asked to sum up her stance on the criminal justice profession with only one word, Kacie chose the word “honor.”

“I chose the word honor because that is not only what I am doing for my family’s legacy, but I am also honoring the men and women who have come before me and given the ultimate sacrifice for their country, community, family and friends,” she said.

For Kacie, criminal justice is a family affair. Inspired by relatives serving in NCIS and the armed forces and growing up as the child of a law enforcement officer, she had no doubt that she would follow in her father’s footsteps one day.

“It wasn’t really an option. It’s just who I am,” she explained. “It’s what I was born and raised to do.”

Kacie then shared a popular story that resonates throughout the law enforcement community and demonstrates what she deems an officer’s unwavering sense of duty.

“The sheepdog (police) protects the sheep (civilians) from the wolf (evil),” she explained. “Sometimes the sheepdog doesn't return from chasing the wolf away (line of duty death), but before the sheep even realize the sheepdog has not returned, another has taken its place and is steadfastly and faithfully looking over the sheep.”

Kacie credits the academy’s instructors for providing her with the most effective tools to efficiently complete her work as an officer and to come home safely to her family every night. “The academy has some of the best instructors, both classroom instructors and adjuncts from surrounding counties,” she said. “It wasn’t just teaching us, but giving us the reality of what we’re getting into.”

Kacie was recently hired as a deputy sheriff with a local sheriff’s office and has begun working toward her master’s degree in
homeland security and federal law at St. Joseph’s University. She ultimately plans to become a U.S. Marshal.



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