APRIL 2016

SJR State’s Orange Park campus inducts 14 members into honor society

The St. Johns River State College Phi Theta Kappa honor society recently held its spring induction ceremony at the Orange Park campus, adding 14 new members to the Alpha Epsilon Lambda chapter.

PTK recognizes and encourages scholarship by providing two-year college students with opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship activities. Inductees are required to have completed 12 credit hours at a two-year institution and maintain a 3.5 grade point average.

The induction ceremony opened with the official Phi Theta Kappa song, and each inductee participated in the traditional lighting of candles, which represents the “flame of knowledge.”

Chapter members inducted were: Mary Andrews, Adam Bejger, Deena Brunner, Erin Cruickshank, Honey Forbes, Shelly Glick, Patrick Green, Christian Ivey, MacKenzie Johnson, Tazi Kobin, Kyla Mayer, Mallory Pierce, Javonna Singleton and Lillian Spofford.

Chapter officers appointed were: Shawna Curtis, vice president; Honey Forbes, treasurer; Mariah Johnson, president; Jed Palisoc, parliamentarian; Alec Rance, secretary; and Lillian Spofford, public relations.

SJR State professor Fraser Houston, who received an honorary PTK membership, was the guest speaker. His three take-home points to the inductees and audience were, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Challenge yourself and risk failure, and use failure as an opportunity to adapt, as to succeed.”

To support his point about failure being a stepping stone for success, Houston highlighted failures experienced by greats such as Albert Einstein, Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, and The Beatles. His slideshow included a quote from Jack Cranfield, “Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

Members of the Alpha Epsilon Lambda chapter recently attended the annual NerdNation Convention in Washington, D.C., a trip participants say was the ultimate educational experience.  The Convention provided an opportunity for the students to network with individuals from around the world as well as educational forums on personal development, student success, and career planning.

PTK members

PHOTO CAPTION: The Phi Theta Kappa honor society from SJR State’s Orange Park campus recently held its spring induction ceremony, adding 14 new members to the Society’s Alpha Epsilon Lambda chapter.

Front row, from left: Javonna Singleton, Mariah Johnson*, Mary Andrews, Erin Cruickshank, Kyla Mayer, MacKenzie Johnson, Deena Brunner and Alec Rance*

Back row, from left: Tazi Kobin, Christian Ivey, Adam Bejger, Honey Forbes*, Patrick Green, Shelly Glick, Shawna Curtis* and Lillian Spofford*

Not pictured: Jed Palisoc* and Mallory Pierce

*PTK Officers