APRIL 2019

SJR State Orange Park students recognized for academic, club-service achievements

Gilbert Evans, Jr., Andrea Harper, Paige Agnew and Bayly Cain

St. Johns River State College (SJR State) students were recognized at an awards ceremony for their academic achievements and participation in club activities. Along with College administrators, faculty, staff, family members and friends, students gathered to receive their awards.

Each year, the Hall of Fame award is presented to a select number of students who are recommended by faculty for their academic excellence and extracurricular involvement. This year, Paige Agnew, Sergio Andres, Bernal Castiblanco, Bayly Cain, Andrea Harper, Evna Kolb and Heather White were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Academic awards were presented for excellence in various courses and programs. Angelica Rodriguez and Samuel Edwards received the Outstanding Bachelor of Applied Science Student Award from Professor Karen Blancanoff. Nursing student Hewan Ayalew was presented with the Perseverance Award from Professor Mary Melfi, and EMT students Morgan Cathlino and Jacob Little received the Highest GPA Award from Professor Lisa Mancino.

Zachary Korak received the Web Programming Award from Professor Walter Lara. Professor Mimi Kawwaff presented the Excellence in Marketing Award to Jacob Riddle and Ciara Miller, as well as the Stock Market Simulator Winner Award to Zachary Hale. Duane Brooks and Elizabeth McBride also received Stock Market Simulator awards.

Blake Lorentzson and Brooke Mesick were recognized for perfect attendance in Professor Jenny Hertel’s Composition I class. Crystal Mejia was recognized by Professor Nefitiri Fellows for excellence in her American Sign Language class.

Amber Knight received two science awards from Professor Karen Meyer, the Environmental Science and Marine Biology Awards. Professor Ransom Hicks awarded Nicholas Myers with the Outstanding Physics Student of the Year - Calculus-based Series Award, and Samuel Thomas with the Outstanding Physics Student of the Year Award for General Physics.

Through clubs and organizations, SJR State offers a variety of campus-life opportunities, including community service projects, allowing students to meet new people and make new friends while working as a dynamic team and learning leadership skills.

For exceptional service and dedication to the Student Government Association (SGA), Harper, SGA president, received the SGA Presidents Award, and Sabrian Edwards, vice president, was presented with the Outstanding Service Award.

Additional SGA students recognized by Student Activities Director Jim Rogers for active participation throughout the school year were Sergio Bernal, Cain, Rachael Carroll, Lianne Cisnero, Adham Elfeky, Sean Gonzales, Andrea Harper, Julianna Herring, India Martinez, Haley McGehee, Mason McKenney, Brittney Mendez, Melena Ogletree, Tia Okafor, Najay Parker, Jeffrey Simmons, Dara Vergara and DJ Zene.

Carrol also received Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Member of the Year Award and was presented with a $300 scholarship check from PTK faculty advisor Aaron Knowles and co-advisor Steven Kenney.

Members of the Student Nurses Association, Business Club, and Gamer’s Guild were also recognized for their club participation.

SJR State Vice President for Student Affairs Gilbert Evans, Jr. (right) recognizes the Orange Park campus Hall of Fame inductees for 2019. From left to right: Andrea Harper, Paige Agnew and Bayly Cain. The other inductees (not pictured) are Sergio Andres, Bernal Castiblanco, Evna Kolb and Heather White.


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Director of Public Relations and Publications
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