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St. Johns River State College (SJR State) has formed a Speakers Bureau, which is a community resource providing speakers with insight and knowledge in specific areas of expertise. Speakers participate on a volunteer basis. To request a visit to your organization from one of our speakers, please call SJR State's Office of Community Education at (386) 312-4211.

  • Workforce Education Program Information: Architecture, Business, Computers, Criminal Justice/Public Safety, and Healthcare
  • High School Career and Technical Education Programs, Career Services and Career Pathways at the State College
Melissa O'Connell
Director of Workforce Services and Program Advancement
  • College Placement Testing
  • Upper Division Transition, Articulation, and Transfer
  • Disability Services
  • College Orientations, Academic Advising, and Registration
  • Degree Programs and Planning
  • Retention and Success Strategies
  • Career Counseling and Resources
  • College Level Testing
Karen Thomas
Director of Academic Advising
  • Financial Aid - Grants, Scholarships, Loans, and Work Programs
Suzanne M. Evans, M.A.
Interim Director of Financial Aid
  • Teacher Education
  • EPI (Educator Preparation Institute)
  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Dr. Myrna Allen
Dean of Teacher Education
  • Distance Learning
  • Military Educational Opportunities
  • College Readiness
Dr. Melanie Brown
Vice President for Academic Affairs/CAO and Executive Director, SAC
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Service/Outreach
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Early Admissions
Meghan Deputy
Director of Dual Enrollment and College Access
  • General Educational Development Preparation
Dr. Melissa Perry
Dean of Adult Education
  • Business Education Programs
Joel C. Abo
Director of Business Education
  • Computer Education Programs
John Etienne
Director of Computer Education
  • Nursing and Allied Health
Diane Pagano
Dean of Nursing
  • Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Dr. Jeffrey C. Lee
Dean of Criminal Justice and Public Safety
  • Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Organizational Management
Dr. Karen Balcanoff
Director of Organizational Management