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    Student Affairs


Gilbert L. Evans, Jr., J.D., Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs/Assistant General Counsel

(386) 312-4127 Fax: (386) 312-4178
Sharon Silcox, Administrative Assistant
Brooke Elasik, Orientation and Recruitment Coordinator

Academic Appeal
Academic Calendar
Academic Misconduct
Club/Organization Requests
Graduation Ceremonies
Hall of Fame
Petition for Admission
Petition for Registration Adjustments
Petition for Residency
Petition for Third Attempts
Who's Who Among College Students
Viking Center

Admissions Application
Home School Affidavit
International Students
Missing Document Letters
Transient Student Form
Readmission Application
Welcome Letters

Jennifer Broyles, Assistant Director of Admissions
Callie Tilton, Admissions Technician
Shirley Eubanks, Admissions Technician

Address/Name Change
Grade Changes
Graduation Applications
Graduation Substitutions
High School Evaluations
Instructor Warning Forms
Out-of-Country Transcripts
Program Setup
Residency Reclassification
Student Loan Deferment
Student/Instr. Drop Forms
Term Setup
Transcript Requests
Transfer Evaluations
Verification of Enrollment

Susanne Lineberger, Registrar
Jane Crawford, Registration Clerk
Kathy Crawford, Registration Technician
Cassandra Polite, Assistant Registrar
Kristiann Prianti, Assistant Registrar

Suzanne Evans, Interim Director of Financial Aid /Veterans Affairs

Debt Management/Financial Literacy
FAFSA Verification
Financial Aid Appeals
Financial Aid Verification
General Questions
Private/Federal Student Loans
Scholarships/Bright Futures
State and Federal Reporting
Student Worker Applications
Pell Grants
VA Certification

Palatka Campus
(386) 312-4040
Ashley Cumbo, Administrative Assistant
Aundria Bryant, Financial Aid Coordinator
Linda Hall, Financial Aid Coordinator
Tameika Felton, Federal Student Loan Coordinator
Kevin McCrary, Financial Aid Coordinator

Orange Park Campus
(904) 276-6949
Stevie Kenney, Financial Aid/ Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Monica Dubrey, Financial Aid Technician

St. Augustine Campus
(904) 808-7607
Dawn Markel, Financial Aid/ Veterans Affairs Coordinator
Renee Fiore, Financial Aid Technician

Student Government
Student Festivities/Frolics
Student Ambassadors

Palatka Campus (386) 312-4160 Fax: 312-4292
Samuel Rick, Student Activities Coordinator/Assistant Athletic Director

Orange Park Campus (904) 276-6854 Fax: 276-6856
Jim Rogers, Student Activities Coordinator

St. Augustine Campus (904) 808-7463 Fax: 808-7420
Stephen Tomasovitch, Student Activities Coordinator

Karen Thomas, Director of Academic Advising

Palatka Campus (386) 312-4035 Fax: 312-4292
Gina Denning, Advising Assistant
Appointments, College Placement Testing, Scheduling

Rene Ruffalo, Academic Advisor
Academic Advising, Career Assessment

Shyla Joy, Academic Advisor
Disability Coordinator, Academic Advising, Student Athletes

Orange Park Campus (904) 276-6855 Fax: 276-6856
Rebekah Wilson, Student Support Representative
Advising Appointments, College Placement Testing, Scheduling

Dr. Patrick Arnwine, Assistant Director
Disability Coordinator, Academic Advising

Paula Shepherd, Senior Academic Advisor
Academic Advising

Stephan Morrison, Senior Academic Advisor
Academic Advising

St. Augustine Campus (904) 808-7402 Fax: 808-7420
Sam Bodiford, Advising Assistant
Appointments, College Placement Testing, Scheduling

Pete Morgan, Senior Academic Advisor
Career Assessment, Counseling, Academic Advising, Testing

Mark Briedenstein, Academic Advisor
Disability Coordinator, Academic Advising

Lynne Smith, Senior Academic Advisor
Academic Advising

Tammy Bennett, Web Help Desk/Receptionist for Student Services
Student E-mail, Web Registration

PearsonVue Testing Center
CPT (Dual Enrollment)
Education ParaPro
Gainesville Independent Testing Services
HESI A2 Test
Institutional & Proctor Testing
ProV Testing
Student Support Services
Web Registration

Todd Dixon, Director of Testing
Sharon Lundy, Testing Specialist
Alicia Allen, Testing Specialist
Rachel Holt, Secretary, Proctor
Dominique Davila, Testing Coordinator
Detra Evans, Athletic Tutoring Lab Coordinator
Rene` Harbison, Student Support Specialist (Athletics)
Jennifer Hummel, Student Support and Science Laboratory Coordinator