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SJR State is offering a series of online courses for teachers who are seeking recertification. The courses are designed to assist teachers in meeting state requirements.

Teachers are advised to work in conjunction with the Florida Department of Education and their school district’s personnel to ensure they have selected the appropriate courses for each certification.

Courses for Florida Teacher Certification Renewal:

EDF 4444: Assessment of Learning and Behavior
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course is designed to help teachers develop high quality assessment instruments for use in the classroom. Teachers will attain knowledge of planning for assessment, testing validity and reliability; as well distinguish the difference between norm referenced and criterion-referenced testing. Students will also learn to interpret student assessment data to identify gaps in student learning and measure student learning gains. The course will assist teachers in gaining the concepts and skills related to planning, development, administering, and interpreting assessments.

EDG 4419: Classroom Management and Communication
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course provides students with skills and knowledge for creating a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction and effective communication among students. The course emphasizes attitudes, language patterns, values, and behaviors for eliciting and maintaining student learning as well as on-task behaviors. The course also includes methods and strategies for consulting with other school professionals and parents.

EDG 4343: Instructional Strategies
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course will provide the guidance and tools to design, teach, and reflect on classroom lessons and units using instructional strategies as a process for making teaching decisions. This course provides a setting to discuss the challenges you will face in the classroom.

EDP 2002 Educational Psychology
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course offers an introduction to the psychological principles of learning and the application of these principles in effective teaching. Course content includes the psychology of teaching and learning, learner behavior, growth and maturation, psychological concepts of learning, and cognitive and affective factors in learning.

EEX 4034 Exceptional Learners in the Inclusive Classroom
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course is to introduce inclusive educators to the characteristics, evaluation and identification of students with exceptionalities. This course examines current issues, legislation, education reform, strategies and interventions in working with students with disabilities, as well as effective special education service models.

RED 4342 Foundations of Research Practice in Reading Education
(3 credits – 3 hours)
This course provides an understanding of the principles of scientifically based research as the foundation of comprehensive instruction. This course teaches assessment of literacy development, language structure and function and cognition of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Fall - August 1
Spring - December 1
Summer - April 15

$126.75 per credit hour

Before you apply:

Contact the Teacher Education Office
SJR State Palatka Campus
S-202 Science Building
5001 St. Johns Avenue
Palatka, FL 32177

You will need:
A copy of your Temporary or Professional Teaching Certificate and/or Statement of Eligibility.

Applicants should apply through the general college application ($30 fee required). Be sure to apply as a Transfer Student and then under Planned Course of Study, please select Teacher Recertification Program.

For more information on renewing your Professional Educator Certification and a list of appropriate categories of courses that may be acceptable for renewal, visit the Florida Department of Education.