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The St. Johns River State College Testing Center provides a convenient testing environment for students, community and faculty.

We provide tests, national credit-by-exam testing programs, and a number of workforce testing options. We also provide a proctoring service for distance learning programs, and other assessments conducive to individuals' overall success academically, personally and professionally.

Please use the links below to access information about these assessments.

The St. Johns River State College Testing Center, on the Palatka Campus, is a PearsonVue Test Site for most Information Technology Certifications including Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, Apple and CompTIAA+. We also service Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) exams and many other professional certification exams. To determine if your desired certification exam is offered at our site, please go to www.pearsonvue.com and enter as a “test taker”. You may complete the registration for your exam at that site. Please contact the Testing Center by calling 386-312-4228 or email if you have any questions.

The BAT test must be scheduled with the SJR State Testing Center on the Palatka Campus (386) 312-4228. Seats are limited for each session and clients must pay $40.00 at any campus business office and have a receipt in order to reserve a seat.

Test Date Register By Day Time Campus Room
02/05/18 01/29/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
02/12/18 02/07/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
02/19/18 02/12/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
03/05/18 02/26/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
03/12/18 03/05/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
03/26/18 03/12/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
04/09/18 04/03/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
04/16/18 04/03/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
04/30/18 04/23/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
05/07/18 04/30/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
05/14/18 05/07/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
05/21/18 05/14/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
06/04/18 05/29/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
06/11/18 06/04/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
06/25/18 06/18/18 Monday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The CLEP gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of the 30+ CLEP examinations. Many colleges and universities across the nation will recognize your comprehensive subject knowledge acquired through independent or prior study, on-the-job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships.

The CLEP examinations cover material taught in courses that most students take as requirements in the first two years of college. Many examinations are designed to correspond to one-semester courses, although some correspond to full-year or two-year courses. Faculty at individual colleges review the exams to ensure that they cover the material currently taught in their one and two year courses.

If you are interested in taking CLEP for college credit at SJR State, please contact Academic Advising (386) 312-4045 to discuss what exams may work best for your particular interest.

The CLEP is administered Tuesday and Wednesday at the Testing Center PAC.

Visit www.collegeboard.com/clep and read the descriptions of all of the exams and decide which exam(s) to take, then register to take the exam(s) of your choice on the CLEP Web site. You should then pay the $20.00 administration fee at the business office on any SJR State campus, and contact the Testing Center (PAC) (386) 312-4228 to reserve a seat for your preferred test date.

On the day of the test arrive at the Testing Center (PAC) 30 minutes prior to the exam time. Be sure that you have a photo bearing identification with a signature and the receipt for the $20.00 administration fee.

CLEP Study Guides are available online at www.collegeboard.com/clep.

HESI A2 Testing

The HESI Admission Assessment is required for all students applying to the SJR State Nursing Education program. The test is comprised of nine sections, of those nine SJR State requires scores for Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, General Knowledge and Math. Other nursing programs may require scores from additional sections, it is therefore recommended that a student completes all of the sections.

To register to take this test on a St. Johns River State College campus:
1. Contact the SJR State Business Office in person on any campus or call 386-312-4117 and pay the test fee of $75.00, this fee is non-refundable and may be used for only one test session.

2. Contact the Testing Center at 386-312-4228 and make an appointment for this test. You must have a receipt number in order to reserve a seat. This test is given on each campus on a regularly scheduled basis and seating for each session is limited. Below is the current schedule of tests. To register you will need your receipt number and a valid email address. You will receive a confirmation, reminder email approximately one week before your scheduled exam. You must print and bring a copy of this email to the testing site in order to test.

3. Go to https://evolve.elsevier.com/ and create an evolve account, you will need an evolve username and password in order to take the test and receive your results. The site also has access to preparation materials for the HESI A2 test.

4. On your test day, bring a picture ID, your receipt, your email confirmation and your user name and password to the testing site.

5. The Test Proctor will provide the access code for the exam at that time.

6. You may reschedule the exam if you need to by contacting the Testing Center.

7. You must wait at least 30 days between test sessions.

If you desire to take your HESI A2 at a different site you must either contact that Test Center or register for the HESI A2 by following these instructions: (http://www.sjrstate.edu/hesi-a2exam.pdf)

Many HESI A2 review resources are available on-line.

An online study guide is available at https://uniontestprep.com/hesia2

Date Register By Day Time Campus Room
02/14/18 02/07/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
02/21/18 02/14/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
03/07/18 02/28/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
03/14/18 03/07/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
03/28/18 03/16/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
04/04/18 03/28/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
04/11/18 04/04/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
04/18/18 04/11/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
05/02/18 04/25/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130
05/09/18 05/02/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
05/16/18 05/09/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
05/30/18 05/23/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
06/06/18 05/30/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
06/13/18 06/06/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. SAC H103
06/20/18 06/13/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. OPC A061
06/27/18 06/20/18 Wednesday 1:00 P.M. PAC T130

GED Testing Schedule

The General Education Development (GED) exam is a computer-based exam and is administered at the Testing Center Bldg T Rm 113 on the SJR State Palatka campus. There are 4 subject areas to the test. Test-takers may take up to 2 subject areas per day.

GED Testing Schedule
Monday - 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Thursday - 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Registration and payment is available only online http://www.gedtestingservice.com/ged-testing-service
or by telephone 877-392-6433. The cost of the exam is $32 per subject area.

For more information or to reserve a seat, call The Testing Center (PAC), (386) 312-4228.

The 2014 GED® Test Specifications
Four content areas:
Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) (150 minutes)
Mathematical Reasoning (115 minutes)
Science (90 minutes)
Social Studies (90 minutes)
Seven different item types:
Extended response
Hot spot
Multiple choice
Short answer
Delivered on computer (not online)
Price set = $32 per module, 4 modules for the test
Passing score for high school equivalency: 150 on each the four modules (no compensatory model any longer)
Score Scale is 100 to 200 points
High School Equivalency Cut Score = 150
GED Honor score = 170

ParaProfessional Exam from Educational Testing Service (ETS)

The ParaPro Assessment measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction. It was designed to satisfy the requirements of the federally legislated No Child Left Behind Act.

The test is for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals. Test takers have 2½ hours to complete the test. Test subjects include reading, writing and math.

The test has 90 multiple-choice questions, approximately two-thirds of which focus on basic skills and knowledge. The remaining one-third focuses on applying skills in the classroom. All test questions are in English.

To take this test:

1. Call the business office 386-312-4117 or go to any of our campuses, identify the test that you want to take and pay the $75 exam fee.

2. Call the Testing Center 386-312-4228 and make an appointment for your exam, be sure to have your receipt number at hand.

3. Arrive at the Testing Center at least 20 minutes before your appointment; Bldg T, Rm 130. You must have a valid picture ID. The test may be taken on the Palatka Campus Tuesday - Friday from 9 am until 2:00 p.m. on a space available basis.

4. There is a minimum wait of 21 calendar days before retesting.

Additional Preparatory Information is available at: https://www.ets.org/parapro/about

P.E.R.T. Testing

All new students are strongly encouraged to have placement test scores regardless of whether they are required or not. Test scores assist counselors and advisors in making the best possible initial placement recommendations for student success. Students are responsible for the enrollment choices they make, so excellent initial placement recommendations are important.

First-time-in-college non-exempt students who intend to enroll in college credit classes must have current test scores.

  • Non-exempt students whose test scores are more than two years old and who have not completed their initial placement in English and/or mathematics must test.
  • Non-exempt students whose ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER scores are below college-level must test.

All students, including exempt students, who wish to test are invited and encouraged to do so. The first test is available at no charge and the scores are valid for two years. You may retake this test after 48 hours, but not more than three times in a 12 month period. Each retake requires the payment of a $20.00 retest fee.

Students who have already satisfactorily completed initial placement coursework in English and mathematics are not required to test.

Counseling secretaries will assist students in determining the need for test scores and scheduling tests if required or desired.

Study materials may be obtained at http://www.mccanntesting.com/by-industry/education/pert-prep/

Proctor Services

The Testing Center is available for proctored test services by appointment.
We have standing agreements with many colleges and universities.

The fee for this service is $25.00

Students must be scheduled with the SJR State Testing Office at the Palatka Campus (386) 312-4228.

Students are responsible for assuring test administration instructions are submitted, by the instructor, with the test.


ProV is an online occupational licensing assessment system. They offer several hundred occupational license examinations. These exams are proctored at the Testing Center PAC on Tuesday and Wednesdays. If you are interested in these exams either contact your county or municipality occupational licensing department or www.provexam.com to determine if they accept this exam for the locality that you wish to practice in.

If ProV is an option for you, register and pay for your exam at www.provexam.com, then contact the Testing Center PAC (386) 312-4228 to reserve a seat on your preferred exam date. On the day of the exam please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled test time, be sure that you bring a picture ID and your ProV test receipt number.

Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE):

• The TABE is widely used as an assessment tool for students entering a GED Program. While it is mainly used for GED classes, it is not exclusive to the GED Program. Many businesses use this assessment tool for prospective employees.

• The College's adult education program mainly assesses students in reading, math, and language. The TABE also covers writing, vocabulary and spelling.

• The TABE is administered on the Palatka Campus at St. Johns River State College: Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm.

• The TABE is free of charge to students without a high school diploma who are planning to attend adult education classes through the community college.

• There is a $20.00 fee for individuals who need the TABE for employment purposes or for admission into an academic program. Students who leave the program prior to achieving their high school diploma may return to classes without retesting if their scores are less than two years old. If scores are more than two years old, the student must retake the TABE.

St. Johns River State College Testing Center maintains a safe, fair and professional testing environment for every person taking an exam. Whether the exam is for placement, professional licensing, credit from another educational institution or in support of SJR State programs, the Center will provide the highest level of service possible.