Robley Davis (1979)
Dental Hygienist

Robley Davis

Each week, St. Johns River State College will honor one of its own in an alumni salute, celebrating the career milestones, community contributions and personal reflections of those who began their collegiate journey as SJR State Vikings.

As Robley Davis prepares to retire from 36 years of brightening smiles, a big smile lights up her face as she reflects on the many “wonderful people” she has met as patients over the years. From cleaning and scaling teeth, to taking dental radiographs and impressions, Robley’s work as a dental hygienist has allowed her to be both a patient educator and cheerleader.

“One of the most important things a dental hygienist can do for patients is to instill in them the importance of good oral hygiene -- encouraging them and praising their progress along the way,” said Robley. “Over the years, I have seen this bring tremendous confidence and a bright, beautiful smile to many patients. Now, some of the patients I saw as children have children of their own, and they are instilling their love of taking care of their smiles in their children.”

Robley received her Associate in Arts degree from St. Johns River State College (then, St. Johns River Junior College) in 1979. With an interest in dental hygiene, she was one of only 18 students selected to transfer into the dental hygiene degree program she completed in 1981.

“I had to have a strong showing in my grades in science classes (at SJR State) to be considered one of only 18 chosen for the dental hygiene program,” said Robley. “So it really helped to have the individualized help and attention that a small class affords. I can't say enough about my professors, especially in the science department, including Professors Gibson, Rothschild, Speaks and Trauerman.”

A smile of gratitude also lights up Robley’s face as she reflects on the academic encouragement she received from President Robert L. McLendon, Jr. and Vice President Albert C. Malone. “I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to be a student assistant in the office of the president and vice president during my two years at the College,” she said. “They are both fine individuals who took an interest in my academic growth.”

Robley is currently employed in the office of Margaret Lessig, D.M.D., in Fleming Island and Kirk Young, D.D.S., M.S, in Orange Park. As part of Dr. Lessig’s dental team, Robley has participated in Children’s Dental Health Month as well as Mission of Mercy, a weekend event that brought free dental care to almost 3,000 underserved individuals who have fallen through the cracks of dental care.

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