Business Office

All business office locations are in the ADMINISTRATION BUILDING on each campus.

The Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO is specifically responsible for the college functions of accounting, budgeting, human resources, risk management, purchasing, payroll, cashiering, bookstores, property inventory, and for the general financial integrity of the business functions of the College.

Our goal is to serve the public, students, faculty, and staff with courteous and competent services, and to be good stewards of the public trust. We welcome you to this website and encourage feedback on our services.

Any communication related to the overall operations of the Business Office may be directed to Vice President for Finance and Administration/CFO, Lynn Powers.

Student fees are recalculated at the end of registration period for schedule changes, as noted in the academic calendar, to determine if additional fees are due. If additional payment is required, the student will be notified.

Students can request a parking decal online by following the link below.

Any student who wishes to park on campus MUST obtain and properly display a student parking decal on each vehicle driven on campus. Parking procedures may be slightly different on each campus.

Please read Parking and Traffic Regulations carefully to avoid citations.

Request Parking Decal

Orange Park Campus
(904) 276-6800

Palatka Campus
(386) 312-4200

St. Augustine Campus
(904) 808-7400

A refund of registration fees will be made to any student enrolled in college credit courses who officially withdraws on or before the last day of each academic term’s add/drop period.

A full refund (100%) will be given to any student whose courses are canceled by the College. Refunds may be granted through the Vice President for Student Affairs to any student who, because of serious circumstances beyond the student's control, is prevented from completing the term. These circumstances can be found in the College’s online Catalog / Student Handbook.

Tuition for continuing workforce and community instructional service courses is NOT refundable.

A statutory refund is made to federal financial aid sources if the student received financial aid funds and the student withdraws or was withdrawn prior to completing at least 60% of the term. This also applies to students who stopped attendance prior to completing at least 60% of the term and received grades of F, I, and/or W only.

SJR State's policy is to recalculate the amount of aid earned based on the last documented date the student participated in class or the mid-point of the semester, whichever is later. The College will bill the student any amount refunded to federal sources. A hold will be placed on the student's records until repayment is made. Repayment can be made by cash, check, or credit card to the cashier, or send payment to the Business Office.

Refunds will be distributed to aid sources as prescribed by federal regulations.

If a student, or a student's parent or guardian, issues a check to meet an obligation to the College and the check is not honored by the bank on which it is drawn, the student will be given five class days in which to meet the obligation. Failure to do so may result in the student's suspension.

If a student habitually issues bad checks, even though each check is made good, disciplinary action may be taken. A service charge will be levied on any returned check.

We offer a Tuition Payment Plan with easy online enrollment and flexible payment options for qualified programs. Enrollment can be completed by logging into the MySJRstate portal and clicking the green "Pay My Tuition and Fees” button. Students needing additional information can contact the SJR State Business Office at 386-312-4121.


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