See the courses that are part of your high school program of study or career academy such as:

8718100 3-D Animation
8718000 Commercial Art Technology
8772000 Commercial Photography
8209600 Digital Design
8201200 Digital Media/Multimedia Design
8506400 Fashion Design
8506500 Interior Design
8772100 Television Production

Many of these courses provide the opportunity to earn industry certifications while in your high school program that can then be used to receive college credit. Visit your high school career specialist/career coach for specific information.

Clay County School District            
Putnam County School District
St. Johns County School District   

When you pass an industry certification exam and/or complete a dual enrollment course, credits will be applied to your St. Johns River State College transcript as outlined below.

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program requires you to meet specific eligibility requirements. Visit the Dual Enrollment page and speak with your School Counselor at your local High School.

St. Johns River State College recommends that you choose dual enrollment classes from the list below because these courses are required for graduation from the College programs in this pathway. Some dual enrollment courses listed below are available at your high school location and some courses listed are only taught at the College campus. When making your course selections, see your high school program of study and speak with your School Counselor about high school graduation requirements.  Make sure that any additional dual enrollment courses you select can be applied to your College degree program by speaking with a St. Johns River State College Advisor.

Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design Pathways (Associate in Arts Degree)

SJR State Academic Advisors are available to assist students with understanding these requirements. For additional general education courses, view the A.A. Degree curriculum.) Refer to the Florida common prerequisite manual for the courses required to transfer to a University for a specific major in this pathway:

Course Course Name Credits
ENC 1101 Composition I 3 credits
General Education Mathematics 3 credits
  General Education Humanities 3 credits
  General Education Social Science 3 credits
Performing Arts or Visual Arts (Associate in Science Degree)

Hidden in the quiet and historic northeast Florida town of Palatka, Florida School of the Arts is designed to be an intimate setting where students of the visual and performing arts can receive individual attention from a staff and faculty of dedicated professionals. We focus on your needs, building upon your strengths, and helping you grow beyond your present limitations. Let us help you realize your dreams. Create your future at Florida School of the Arts.

Please visit our Florida School of the Arts Program Page to learn more about programs of study in:

  • Acting
  • Animation
  • Costume Design & Technology
  • Dance Studies/Dance Performance
  • Graphic Design/New Media
  • Musical Theater
  • Photography
  • Scenic/Lighting Design & Technology
  • Stage Management
  • Stage Technology
  • Studio Art