See the courses that are part of your high school program of study or career academy such as:

8405100 Early Childhood Education
8909000 Teacher Assisting
8417210 Nursing Assistant
8417130 Allied Health Assisting

Many of these courses provide the opportunity to earn industry certifications while in your high school program that can then be used to receive college credit. Visit your high school career specialist/career coach for specific information.

Clay County School District
Putnam County School District
St. Johns County School District

Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program requires you to meet specific eligibility requirements. Visit the Dual Enrollment page and speak with your School Counselor at your local High School.

St. Johns River State College recommends that you choose dual enrollment classes from the list below because these courses are required for graduation from the College programs in this pathway. Some dual enrollment courses listed below are available at your high school location and some courses listed are only taught at the College campus. When making your course selections, see your high school program of study and speak with your School Counselor about high school graduation requirements. Make sure that any additional dual enrollment courses you select can be applied to your College degree program by speaking with a St. Johns River State College Advisor.

Social and Behavioral Sciences and Human Services Pathways
(Associate in Arts Degree)

SJR State Academic Advisors are available to assist students with understanding these requirements. For additional general education courses, view the A.A. Degree curriculum.) Refer to the Florida common prerequisite manual for the courses required to transfer to a University for a specific major in this pathway:

Course Course Name Credits
 ENC 1101 Composition I 3 credits
 ENC 1102  Composition II 3 credits
   General Education Mathematics 3 credits
 STA 2023  Elementary Statistics 3 credits
   General Education Humanities 3 credits
 PSY 2012  General Psychology 3 credits
 DEP 2004  Human Growth & Development 3 credits
 BSC 1020C  Human Biology & Laboratory 3 credits

Credit for Earned Industry Certification

There are currently no statewide articulation agreements for students to receive credit for industry certifications. Please see the health science and education pathways for related programs of study.

First Coast Technical College

The Technical College may offer programs in this pathway resulting in industry certifications listed above. Visit the FCTC website for more information.

Human Services Programs