College Officers

Joe H. Pickens, J.D. - President

Melanie A. Brown, Ph.D. - Chief Operating Officer, Sr. Vice President

Gilbert L. Evans, Jr., J.D., Ph.D. - Vice President for Legal Affairs & Public Safety/General Counsel

Rosalind M. Humerick, Ph.D. - Vice President and Chief Institutional Research Officer

Edward P. Jordan, Ph.D. - Chief Academic Officer, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs

Randall D. Peterson, B.A. - Chief Financial Officer, Vice President

Richard C. Anderson, B.S. - Chief Information Officer

Ellen E. Burns, Ph.D. - Associate Vice President for Assessment, Research and Grants

Mike Keller, M.A. - Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Logan Becker, M.S. - Controller

Jack C. Hall, M.A. - Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs

John W. Paterson, Ed.D. - Assistant Vice President for Workforce Education

Charles R. Romer, B.A. - Assistant Vice President for Human Resources

Michelle Sjogren, M.A. - Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Strategic Communications

Terry Thomas, M.A. - Assistant Vice President for Facilities, Planning, and Capital Projects

Christina Will, Ph.D. - Assistant Vice President for Learning Culture & Resources

Timothy Adams, J.D - Dean of Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Myrna L. Allen, Ph.D. - Dean of Arts and Sciences

Holly S. Coulliette, D.H.Sc. - Dean of Allied Health

Summer Garrett, Ed.D. – Dean of Business, Industry, & Computer Information Systems

Robert F. Olson, Jr., M.P.A - Executive Director of Thrasher-Horne Center

Diane P. Pagano, D.N.P. - Dean of Nursing

Emily Schafer, M.F.A. - Dean of Florida School of the Arts

Sarah Taylor, B.S. - Registrar

Liz Wondell, M.S. - Dean of Advising

Royce D. Bass, M.L.S. - Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Mary Ann Kester, Ed.D. - Associate Dean of Adult & Teacher Education

Dustin W. Latta, M.Ed. - Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

Kate Adornetto, M.N.M. - Director of Development and Foundation Operations

Suzanne M. Evans, M.A. - Director of Financial Aid and Veteran Affairs

Anastacia Hohrath, M.S. - Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Susan B. Kessler, B.S. - Director of Public Relations and Marketing

Renee Ruffalo, M.S. - Director of Dual Enrollment

Amy Stanley, B.A. - Director of Human Resources Operations