Bachelor's Degree


Bachelor of Applied Science

Prepare for the multifaceted challenges of the tech world with a blend of practical expertise, cybersecurity acumen, and ethical professionalism required in today's digital age. A variety of lucrative positions awaits in an industry that continues to grow and evolve in response to high-tech advancements and emerging cyber threats.

Software Application Development track

Explore careers as software developers, application engineers, or systems analysts across various sectors, including tech companies, financial institutions, healthcare, and government. Play a crucial role in developing tailored software solutions, designing user interfaces, and ensuring the security and functionality of applications.
An A.S. degree in Computer Programming & Analysis completes prerequisites for this program.
A.A. degree graduates can be admitted with a few additional courses.

Cybersecurity track

Prepare for roles such as cybersecurity analyst, penetration tester, network security engineer, and information security analyst. They are equipped with in-demand skills like cloud security, programming languages, network security, encryption, and knowledge of cyber threats. Graduates are prepared to assess risks, analyze threats, and devise comprehensive security strategies.
An A.S. degree in Network Systems Technology completes program admission requirements.
A.A. degree graduates can be admitted with additional courses.

During your final semester, gain practical skills as you network with experts and complete a senior capstone project or internship.

Program Details

Start Date: Fall 2024
Location: In-person and online courses
Course Descriptions: (PDF)

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Dr. Karen Balcanoff
(386) 312-4194