Online Degrees

We get it. SJR State understands that many students have difficulty meeting their educational or career goals because other responsibilities prevent them from taking courses in the traditional manner. Often, online classes can be the solution to help students earn their degree in a way that fits into their busy schedule.

SJR State offers the following degree programs online:

Associate in Science Degrees (two-year programs)
Accounting Technology
Business Administration

Criminal Justice Technology
Health Services Management
Health Information Technology

Bachelor’s Degrees (four-year programs)
Organizational Management

Questions? Contact an academic advisor for details

Associate in Arts Degree (two-year program)
While the majority of classes required to complete the A.A. Degree can be taken online, there may be a course that requires on-campus attendance depending on the student’s major or area of interest. This includes courses students may need as pre-requisites for an intended major when transferring to a university. Contact your campus academic advisor for details.

The Associate in Arts degree is your first step toward earning your bachelor’s degree. It is the legally recognized transfer degree for the Florida College System and is specifically designed for the student who wishes to transfer into the State University System of Florida as a university junior.

Online study tips
While taking online courses can be convenient, online programs require time and management skills, self-motivation and self-discipline. The convenience of online programs does not mean the courses are easier. To be successful in online classes students must:

  • Be sure to have access to reliable internet and computer hardware/software
  • Fully commit to the course or program
  • Complete assignments on time
  • Be willing to become tech savvy
  • Be willing to ask for help when needed