IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Deputy Johan "G" Tschannerl

Meet Johan "G"

Johan G. Tschannerl
Johan G. Tschannerl horse

Deputy Johan "G" Tschannerl, of the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, is ready to break down the stereotypes associated with careers in the correctional field. Deputy Tschannerl will be the first to explain that while a career in corrections is not for everyone, it is a great career. "The misconception is that it's the easy job, that it doesn't take any skills or smarts to go into it," he said. "But that's far from the truth." Corrections is physically, mentally and intellectually challenging, but it also has its rewards.

The ability to influence inmates is often considered to be one of the hardest aspects of the job, but it is also the most gratifying. Corrections officers have the ability to facilitate change and personal growth in the lives of others. Johan will tell you, everyone appreciates honesty and sincerity.

Misconception #2 - A lot of people think that a career in corrections is just dealing with inmates. "It's far more than that," Johan said. For instance, Johan is now running the new Mounted Unit that the Sheriff’s Office has started. “There are many special teams that are available to join, including the aviation unit, clandestine laboratory enforcement team, the hostage negation team, and the mobile field force,” he said. "It's another satisfying part of the job to bring in dangerous people from off of the streets."



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