MARCH 2017

SJR State student Johnny Chiovaro sets the bar high for future SGA members

Johnny Chiovaro, viking

A believer in the mantra “go for it,” St. Johns River State College student Johnny Chiovaro dove into the training required to receive the Florida College System Student Government Association’s (FCSSGA) Florida Leadership Training (FLT) certification. Chiovaro is the first student from the College’s Orange Park campus to receive this certification.

Through a holistic process, the FCSSGA Florida Leadership Training places students at the center of the learning experience, guiding them through current research and student-development practices. The program covers areas such as the Florida Legislature and civic health, campus involvement, event planning, leading effective meetings and parliamentary procedure. Leadership style, ethics and diversity are also integral parts of the comprehensive program. Once the coursework is completed, students are required to complete a capstone project.

At the time of Chiovaro’s FLT training, he was a senior at Middleburg High School and a dual-enrollment student at SJR State. Today, he is a full-time student at SJR State, leading the Student Government Association (SGA) in his role as president. However, it wasn’t until he took the FLT training that Chiovaro decided to run for SGA president. “I was just planning to run for another position, maybe secretary,” he said. But after the FLT training inspired and empowered him, he explained that it made him feel prepared to take on the SGA president’s role. “Now, I have a good idea about what I want to do, what needs to be done and how to do it.”

Naturally energetic, Johnny is pouring lots of good energy into further developing the SGA on the Orange Park campus. A visionary, his goal is to develop the association in a way that future SGA presidents can easily build upon. “I’m not concerned about how long the process will take,” he said. “I just want future presidents to be able to expand on whatever I do here. I would love to see our SGA become one of the best student governments around.” Johnny encourages students to get involved with the SGA to enhance their college experience.

To learn more about SGA on the Orange Park campus, students can attend monthly SGA meetings. The Student Government Association, through its elected student officers and representatives, promotes social, cultural, and recreational activities for all students and serves as a liaison group between the student body and the College administration. The Student Government Association also recommends the chartering of all campus organizations, appoints students to College committees, conducts the College student activities program, and recommends student activity budgets.



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