MAY 2017

SJR State holds nursing pinning ceremony

nursing spg awards

St. Johns River State College recently held a pinning ceremony to recognize the Associate in Science in Nursing students. The pinning ceremony symbolizes the “rite of passage into the nursing profession,” said Anna Lebesch, Ed.D., SJR State’s vice president for workforce development and Orange Park campus executive director.  The pin is a reminder to the 55 graduates of their purpose to serve the sick and infirmed.

Students were pinned by family members.  Lebesch described the pinning ceremony as the symbol of the care and devotion nurses provide. The ceremony is also a continued tradition of Florence Nightingale’s extended honor to her most outstanding nurses.

Flagler Hospital Nursing Director Teresa Lambert, RN, BSN, CNRN addressed the graduates as the guest speaker. 

During the ceremony, Melissa Calvillo, of Clay County, and Whitley Cuevas, of St. Johns County, were each honored with the Academic Excellence Award.  Students Jobely Carrillo, of Clay County, and Emily Brooke Houssami, of St. Johns County, were recognized with the Florence Nightingale Award for special achievement throughout the two-year program.     

Students from Clay County:  Denise Austin, Sarah Brewer, Melissa Calvillo, Jobely Carrillo, Kimberly Cravey, Candice Davila, Shannon Ettinger, Samantha Gragg, Robert Hall, Rachel Hughes, Christina Kearse, Brandi King, Emily Kobs, Madyson Maxwell, Dominique Mercado, Marielle Pelletier, Kristen Rossow, Lisa Sanchez, Samantha Stoltman, Darianne Stutts, Kayla Thomas, Elsa Valdez and Kailey Wilkins

Students from St. Johns County:  Nielah Ahmadi, Brittany Barker, Carol Carregal, Aimee Charles, Whitley Cuevas, Catia Damon, Kataryna Dobosz, Rebecca Dunning, Trishna Hale, Sarah Hamilton, Emily Brooke Houssami, Krystle Kraft, Jaime Law, Alexis Malota, Jessica Marr, Tyler Messenger, Aliah Patterson, Sara Roberts, Kaylea Warne, Carolyn West and Sonja Wheeler

Students from Putnam County:  Melissa Butler, Amber Champion, Joseph Largacci, Jeffrey Parker and Chantel Smith

Students from Duval County:  Ashley Essex, Gabriela Faliszewska, Aimee McIntyre, Hannah Parker, Sherrel Picard and Anna Trofimeca.

SJR State’s nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.  Classes are offered in Palatka and Orange Park.  Applications for the Fall 2017 nursing classes on the Orange Park and Palatka campuses will be accepted through May 31.  Specific prerequisites and requirements apply and must be completed prior to the first day of the application period. 

SJR State offers additional health programs such as respiratory care, nursing assistant, health information management and radiologic technology. For more information on degree and certificate programs in the health field, call (386) 312-4176.

OPC group photo

SAC group photo

In addition to the ceremony, select students received awards for special achievement throughout the two-year program.
From left, Jobely Carillo received the Florence Nightingale Award; Whitley Cuevas and Melissa Calvillo received Academic Excellence Awards; and Emily Brooke Houssami received the Florence Nightingale Award. 

Nursing students enrolled in the Orange Park program:
Front Row, L-R:  Samantha Gragg, Emily Kobs, Darianne Stutts, Candice Davila, Elsa Valdez,
Shasta Ware (Nursing Instructor)
Second Row, L-R:  Sonja Wheeler, Melissa Calvillo, Kimberly Cravey, Sarah Brewer, Kayla
Thomas, Gabriela Faliszewska

Third Row, L-R:  Sherrel Picard, Kailey Wilkins, Dominique Mercado, Denise Austin
Fourth Row, L-R:   Aimee McIntyre, Jobely Carrillo, Marielle Pelletier, Christina Kearse, Kristen
Rossow, Brandi King

Back Row, L-R:  Chase Parker, Ashley Essex, Anna Trofimeca, Samantha Stoltman, Rachel
Hughes, Lisa Sanchez, Robert Hall

Nursing students enrolled in the Palatka program:
Front Row, L-R:  Whitley Cuevas, Shannon Ettinger, Rebecca Dunning, Alexis Malota,  Carolynn West, Kataryna Dobosz, Aliah Patterson, Carol Carregal, Sara Roberts, Brittany Barker, Hannah Parker, Catia Damon, Kaylea Warne, Amber Champion and Emily Brooke Houssami

Back Row, L-R:  Krystle Kraft, Jaime Law, Trishna Hale, Aimee Charles, Tyler Messenger, Madyson Maxwell, Joseph Largacci, Sarah Hamilton, Nielah Ahmadi, Chantel Smith and Melissa Butler

Not Pictured:  Jessica Marr



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Director of Public Relations and Publications
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