APRIL 2017

SJR State’s Orange Park campus inducts 11 members into honor society

The St. Johns River State College Phi Theta Kappa honor society recently held its spring induction ceremony at the Orange Park campus, adding 11 new members to the Alpha Epsilon Lambda chapter.

PTK recognizes and encourages scholarship by providing two-year college students with opportunities for individual growth and development through participation in honors, leadership, service and fellowship activities. Inductees are required to have completed 12 credit hours at a two-year institution and maintain a 3.5 grade point average.

The induction ceremony opened with the official Phi Theta Kappa song, and each inductee participated in the traditional lighting of candles, which represents the “flame of knowledge.”

PTK President Jordan Heyn explained, “Phi Theta Kappa is more than just an honor society. The lessons we learn through PTK are not just for the classroom. PTK teaches us how to be leaders, to get involved with our communities and to help others who need it most. We encourage you to become active.”

To the inductees, faculty advisor Don Lafond said, “It is my pleasure to welcome you into the Phi Theta Kappa honor society and the lively fellowship of scholars it affords. I salute you for your accomplishment. I charge you to explore always for truth and to dedicate yourselves to the cultivation of the well-reasoned life, a prelude to service and honor.”

Chapter members inducted were: Vanessa Chavez, Phillip Dechambeau, Jessica Dechman, Harold Goslee, Morgan Malone, Kelli Mulford, Casandra Nolen, Ashley Richardson, David Santana, Emmy Pedro Santiago and Danielle Torres.

Chapter officers appointed were: Jordan Heyn, president; Ashley Richardson, vice president; Ekaterina Egorova, treasurer; Sebastian Parks, secretary; Bree Williams, parliamentarian; Danielle Hogan, chairperson of leadership; Faith Goral, chairperson of fellowship; Marcus Francisco, chairperson of fundraising; and Ashley Richardson, SGA representative.

Lafond expressed thanks to Publix, Sam’s Club and St. Leo University for sponsoring the event.


The Phi Theta Kappa honor society from SJR State’s Orange Park campus recently held its spring induction ceremony, adding 11 new members to the Society’s Alpha Epsilon Lambda chapter.

Front row, from left: Danielle Hogan*, Emmy Pedro Santiago, Danielle Torres, Jessica Dechman, Vanessa Chavez, Casandra Nolen, Ekaterina Egorova* and Jordan Heyn*

Back row, from left: Faith Goral*, Morgan Malone, Harold Goslee, Phillip Dechambeau, David Santana, Ashley Richardson*, Advisor Don Lafond and Kelli Mulford.

*PTK officers



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