By Penny Powell

SJR State and Doral College sign articulation agreement

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St. Johns River State College (SJR State) has partnered with Doral College to provide students from Doral College with a seamless transition to SJR State programs through defined plans of study.

SJR State Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer Melanie Brown explained, “This new agreement provides a transfer into SJR State for students pursuing either a Florida School of the Arts (FloArts) program or the bachelor’s degree in early childhood education or organizational management.”

“What makes this project unique is that Doral’s Chief Academic Officer, Bert Whitaker (a former SJR State vice president and history professor), has been instrumental in making this partnership happen,” Brown said.

The articulation agreement states that Doral’s “defined transfer student population will be fully prepared for admission into either a limited access upper-level program at SJR State, or one of the limited access Florida School of the Arts (FloArts) programs, with the goal of decreasing time to degree and the likelihood of students incurring excess credit hour surcharges. Transfer students will be able to engage with SJR State to better prepare them for transition by affording them academic advising opportunities prior to admission to SJR State.”

The transfer process includes Doral College students, who have completed the required General Education Courses and have earned an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher, meeting with their Doral College academic advisor and declaring their intent to transfer to SJR State and identifying the specific degree program they wish to pursue at SJR State.

According to the Doral College Website, the college is a private non-profit institution of higher learning based in Doral, Florida. Since inception, Doral College has sought to make early college more accessible to minority high school students in South Florida. The College seeks to completely integrate the high school experience of qualified students by allowing them to earn Associate in Arts degrees in conjunction with their high school diplomas. Doral College is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE) and accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

For more information, contact Edward Jordan, Ph.D., associate vice president for academic affairs, at (386) 312-4068 or .

Doral College and St. Johns River State College administrators sign the College’s first-ever transfer agreement that admits students into SJR State’s programs. Front row, from left: Doral College President Douglas Rodriguez, SJR State Board Chairman Samuel Garrison, and SJR State President Joe Pickens. Second row, from left: Doral College Chief Academic Officer Bert Whitaker and SJR State Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Administrative Officer Melanie Brown.



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