MAY 2018

SJR State holds nursing pinning ceremony

Nursing Awards
Orange Park Nursing group
Palatka Nursing group

St. Johns River State College recently held a pinning ceremony to recognize the Associate in Science in Nursing students. The pinning ceremony symbolizes the rite of passage into the nursing profession and the care and devotion nurses provide and is a continued tradition of Florence Nightingale’s extended honor to her most outstanding nurses.

Students Alyssa Duzick and Aaron Haire, of St. Johns County, were recognized with the Florence Nightingale Award for “demonstrating outstanding scholarship, compassion toward others, leadership in class and devotion to clients and their families” throughout the two-year program. Alixandria Sherman, of Clay County, and Cassidy Gatewood, of St. Johns County, received Academic Excellence Awards for “strength and dedication in achieving and maintaining academic excellence” during the program.

Students were pinned by family members. The pin serves as a reminder to the 62 graduates of their purpose to serve the sick and infirmed.

Students from Clay County: Julia Brown, Adriana Damirkasan-Rivera, William Frisbee, Maegan Knight, Jordan Luten, Ana Miller, Marisa Moore, Robert Nix Jr., Morgan Payne, Marialuisa Peddycord, Alixandria Sherman, Keli Thomas, Angela Tracy, Melissa Unger and Gemma West

Students from St. Johns County: Roberta Alfred, Danielle Andrews, Kaylee Bennett, Charisse Clark, Jessica Dallas, Richard DeFeo, Tiffany Dublin, Alyssa Duzick, Kaitlin Fairbanks, Diana Farina, Cassidy Gatewood, Aaron Haire, Cheree King, Brittany Noll, Kimberly Oakley, Michael Oakley, Gabrielle Ortega, Evelyn Peake, Lauren Phillips, Brianna Roden, Briana Stembridge, Teresa Vaicys and Maria Watson

Students from Putnam County: Jessica Blanchard, Shirley Bush, Cynthia Carbajal, Sadonni Deason, Kayla Decker, Jessica Fowler, Amy Jones, Vasily Lubenets, Kathleen McKelvery, Kiesha McRae-Parkinson, Shelby Myers, Erica Robbins and Cassandra Tingley

Students from Duval County: Mary Blizzard, Tara Braun, Tiffany Kirkman, Andrea McClendon, Thonda Powell, Shannon Quaintance, Dwanneich Sharpe and Bomee Yi

Students from other counties: Haley Fortenberry, Megan Harvey and Kristina Wilson

During the ceremony, retiring Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Mary Anne Laney was recognized for her eight years of dedicated service to SJR State.

SJR State’s nursing program is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission. Classes are offered in Palatka and Orange Park. Applications for the Fall 2018 nursing classes on the Orange Park and Palatka campuses will be accepted through May 31. Specific prerequisites and requirements apply and must be completed prior to the first day of the application period.

SJR State offers additional health programs such as respiratory care, nursing assistant, health information management and radiologic technology. For more information on degree and certificate programs in the health field, call (386) 312-4176.

In addition to the ceremony, select students received awards for special achievement throughout the two-year program. From left, Cassidy Gatewood of St. Johns County received the Academic Excellence Award; Aaron Haire and Alyssa Duzick, also of St. Johns County, received the Florence Nightingale Award; and Alixandria Sherman, of Clay County, received the Academic Excellence Award.

Nursing students enrolled in the Orange Park program:
Front Row, L-R: Haley Fortenberry, Shannon Quaintance, Gabrielle Ortega, Adriana Damirkasan-Rivera, Keli Thomas, Dwanneich Sharpe, Angela Tracy and Maria Watson
Second Row, L-R: Melissa Unger, Kaylee Bennett, Roberta Alfred, William Frisbee, Brittany Noll, Andrea McClendon and Morgan Payne
Third Row, L-R: Thonda Powell, Ana Miller, Mary Blizzard, Robert Nix, Gemma West, Tiffany Kirkman and Alixandria Sherman
Back Row, L-R: Julia Brown, Alyssa Duzick, Kristina Wilson, Jordan Luten, Maegan Knight, Lauren Phillips and Bomee Yi

Nursing students enrolled in the Palatka program:
Front Row, L-R: Shelby Myers, Shirley Bush, Kimberly Oakley, Marisa Moore, Kathleen McKelvery, Danielle Andrews, Kayla Decker, Evelyn Peake, Cassidy Gatewood, Kaitlin Fairbanks, Cassandra Tingley, Megan Harvey, Charisse Clark, Amy Jones, Diana Farina, Cynthia Carbajal, Jessica Fowler and Marialuisa Peddycord
Back Row, L-R: Vasily Lubenets, Cheree King, Briana Stembridge, Teresa Vaicys, Tara Braun, Kiesha McRae-Parkinson, Richard DeFeo, Jessica Blanchard, Aaron Haire, Tiffany Dublin, Jessica Dallas, Sadonni Deason, Brianna Roden and Michael Oakley
Not Pictured: Erica Robbins



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