SJR State students conduct public opinion research on local issues

In partnership with the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, students enrolled in St. Johns River State College’s Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) in Organizational Management program will conduct public opinion research on local issues in Putnam County. Members of the community, ages 18 and up, are encouraged to participate. Survey results will be reported in a Putnam Quality of Life progress report, which is intended to establish trend lines for helping to build a better community.


Various aspects of the community’s quality of life, which a diverse group of people in the community would agree are priorities in relation to Putnam County’s shared vision or goals, will be measured and presented in the report.

The Quality of Life progress report will provide information about the current state and well-being of the community, with the intention of generating conversations and encouraging community involvement to both celebrate and improve the quality of life in Putnam County.

A few of the 14 questions included on the survey include:

“All things considered, how satisfied are you with the quality of life in Putnam County today?”

“Is your financial security today better, worse, or about the same as compared to three years ago?”

“In your opinion, is the quality of leadership in our local Putnam County government excellent, good, fair, or poor?”

The full survey, which can be completed in under five minutes, can be accessed here: TAKE THE SURVEY. Printed copies are available at the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce. Participation is voluntary, and participants will not need to identify themselves. The deadline to complete the survey is November 10.

Students enrolled in the College’s B.A.S. program first participated in the Quality of Life project in Clay County in 2017. SJR State President Joe Pickens, who currently serves as chairman of the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors and is also a member of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, was in the audience when the most recent Clay County Quality of Life survey results were presented.

“I was immediately drawn to the belief that Putnam County should be doing something similar,” said Pickens. “And when I learned that SJR State students were an integral part of the process, I became even more convinced. As the College president and Chamber Board chair, I saw it as a ‘win-win’ for our students and the community.”

Organizational management instructor Aaron Knowles added, “The overwhelmingly positive response from the community created interest in Putnam County. We are honored to focus our attention on this wonderful community and allow each student to grow personally, academically and professionally through the process.”

“The Putnam County Quality of Life report gives our graduating B.A.S. students the unique opportunity to work individually with county leaders while also utilizing important research and analysis skills to provide decision-making information to the same leaders,” said Knowles.

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