MARCH 2018

Science Café continues with algal bloom prevention

Ever wonder about that green slime in the St. Johns River and its tributaries? Justina Dacey, the Community Engagement Coordinator with the St. Johns Riverkeeper, will explain what causes these blue-green algal blooms (or cyanobacteria) that we’ve been witnessing on our waterways and why they may be toxic for you and our river. Then, learn how you can take action to help reduce algal bloom occurrences by living a river-friendly lifestyle.

The March Science Café lectures will continue Tuesday, March 13 at 7:00 p.m.  with “Harmful Algal Bloom Prevention 101:  River Friendly Landscaping.” The lecture will be held on the St. Johns River State College Orange Park campus in room D14.

Participants will experience a casual evening filled with interesting topics, tasty treats and engaging conversation. The free event is in collaboration with the St. Johns Riverkeeper and is open to the public.
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Director of Public Relations and Publications
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