SJR State Science Café continues with safeguarding endangered parrots

The St. Johns River State College Science Café lectures will kick off its spring semester series February 13 on endangered parrots.

“Our first spring semester lecture will be presented by Dr. Caroline Efstathion, who will discuss reducing conflict between invasive bees and endangered parrots,” said SJR State science professor Karen Meyer. Efstathion is the founder and executive director of the Avian Preservation and Education Conservancy in Jacksonville. The APEC was created to reserve endangered avian species through problem-based research, community involvement and education. She is employed by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, supporting mosquito control in Northeast Florida.

The Science Café will be held Tuesday, February 13 at 7:00 p.m. on the SJR State Orange Park campus in room D14. Participants will experience a casual evening filled with interesting topics, tasty treats and engaging conversation. The event is free and open to the public. 

Efstathion’s multidisciplinary background in veterinarian medicine, microbiology and entomology has allowed her to focus on understudied issues facing many endangered birds and contribute to ongoing conservation projects.

Her graduate research focused on improving conservation of endangered parrots with the use of a push-pull method to reduce nest site competition with Africanized honey bees. Additionally, she evaluates the impact of other arthropods on nestling bird health and survival. 

Efstathion has also studied antibiotic-resistant bacteria in captive bird populations and is interested in the emerging discipline of conservation physiology, which aims to answer conservation questions by physiological approaches, specifically, those focused on stress.

SJR State’s Science Café series was created in 2017 as a trendy way to get more people involved with science.



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