APRIL 2020


by Penny Powell

Tips for forging ahead with stylized paper airplane in space

With the spring semester ending on May 1, do you have a plan in place for staying on track? SAC student Jon Drummond said his plan includes taking summer classes to move one step closer to finishing his associate's degree, which will also put him a step closer to working on his bachelor's degree in communications. A member of the Student Government Association (SGA), Jon encourages you to also follow your dreams. "If you have a goal in mind, keep on striving to that goal," he says. "Never quit - no matter what obstacles you face."

Dual-enrollment student Zain Omar, also a member of the SAC SGA, said he will take online classes over the summer as well. Then, he'll head to Gainesville in the fall to continue his studies, taking about 50 credits from SJR State with him. "Initially, I was discouraged to go forward with the classes, since they were changed to an online format," says Zain. "However, I want to be productive and continue striving toward my goals." Thinking positively about these uncertain times, Zain adds, "The bright side of this situation is that there are significantly less distractions, so it’s easier to focus on your education, or anything you set your mind to."

Please note that if you previously registered for on-campus summer classes, you will not automatically be moved to online classes. Visit to learn more.

Did you know that the SJR State Foundation has extended its scholarship deadline until further notice? Director of Fundraising and Alumni Engagement Kate Adornetto expresses "the importance of students taking the time to explore scholarship opportunities in the community, as well as filling out an online application through the SJR State Foundation. "Our office is always available to assist students with the scholarship process," says Adornetto.

Although the scholarship deadline has been extended, the Foundation will begin awarding scholarships on May 1 to students with completed applications on file. For more information, visit or call (386) 312-4100.

Paula Reeger, from the OPC, encourages you to keep in mind that your questions about classes, financial aid and more can still be answered by the College during this time. "Reach out and ask your questions as soon as possible to help you stay the course," she advises. "Don't let the time that's available now go to waste. Take advantage of it!"

The Advising Office can be contacted by e-mailing or calling (386) 312-4035. Financial Aid services are available via e-mail or by calling (386) 312-4040.

Classes for the full summer term will run from May 13 to August 11, while Summer A term classes run from May 13 to June 26. May 1 is the last day to apply online for admission, and May 12 is the last day to submit your residency affidavit for the in-state tuition rate, as well as the last day for new online registration with a fee.

Classes for the Summer B term run from June 29 to August 11. June 15 is the last day to apply online for admission, and June 26 is the last day to submit your residency affidavit for the in-state tuition rate, as well as the last day for new online registration with a fee.

New students, once your application has been processed, your online orientation will be available.

While wrapping up the last two weeks of this semester, remember to take action soon if you are planning to keep going over the summer and/or in the fall. The students below are spotlighted on the home page of the College's website, and each of them took action to enroll in their respective programs. May their words encourage you as you travel this road leading to your degree and your goals that follow.

Radiologic Technology student Howard says, "It is YOU who has to take that first step, take a chance, push yourself to the next level, and you will greatly reap the rewards in something in which you can be proud."

Engineering Technology student Donnie, says, "I have learned that discipline - not desire - determines your destiny."

Medical Assisting student Brittney says, "Just go for it!"

Remember, we're in this together; therefore, please do not hesitate to let us know how we can help you take your next step. You've got this, and we've got you!

Here's to closing out the semester strong and getting ready for the next one. High-fives!



Susan Kessler
Director of Public Relations and Publications
(386) 312-4020