APRIL 2022

FloArts presents “Emergence: An Evening of Dance”

An Evening of Dance

A mixture of choreographers and dance styles, along with two dance films, will merge as a celebration of the diversity of art and movement in “Emergence: An Evening of Dance” at Florida School of the Arts. The show runs Thursday, April 14 and Friday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m., and Saturday, April 16 at 2:30 and 7:30 p.m. Admission is $10.

According to the show’s director, dance professor Jessica Mayhew-Borrero, “a bold, industrial style backdrop, completely exposed stage, and exquisite lighting highlighting the demands of contemporary and ballet techniques” make up the space that the dancers will navigate.

FloArts dance alumni Katie Garrepy and Dion Ricardo Pratt, Jr. have returned to share their choreography talents, spending many hours generating movement with dance majors and select musical theater majors, said Mayhew. “Considering our guest choreographers spent their first two years of higher education here at FloArts, our current students felt an immediate bond with them,” she said.

FloArts dance faculty Andrea Montez is directing “Emergence” with Mayhew-Borerro and will present three choreographic works stemming from the intersection of dance and theater. Montez explained that throughout the creative process, she "pursued an egalitarian approach, not placing any hierarchy on the creative mediums of movement, text, or narrative."

“Each work embodies and examines pieces of the human condition in different ways. Full bodied movement, pedestrian gestures, daily behaviors, internal or spoken monologues all serve as a conduit for performers and viewers to experience,” said Montez.

Choreography by Mayhew-Borrero presents a series of solos throughout the concert that touch on different chapters of life, such as love lost, feelings of isolation while surrounded by others, and finding peace and light. Each solo aims to embody the struggles and silver linings adapted over the past two years while focusing on the intrinsic desire to persevere.

Garrepy’s work “(contest)ant” has a playful atmosphere with underlying moments of cattiness and pettiness and times of unity and selfish indulgence among the dancers. “The audience will surely relate to the characterizations of the cast, whether imagining clashes within their own family or small disruptions within a work environment. The interpretation is wide open,” Mayhew-Borerro said.

Two dance films that premiered during the COVID-19 pandemic (when classes were held online) will also be featured in “Emergence.” Choreographed and directed by Mayhew-Borrero and filmed by Will Darden of Eriden Images, the choreography for each film was delivered via Zoom to the dancers before meeting on location for filming. “It was an experience the students will not soon forget,” Mayhew-Borrero said.

Cast members include Courtney Burnett, Caley Costello, Natalie Drake, Anna Guzman, Kira Heuring, Morgan Johnston, Chelsey Lake, Paige Lane, Rebecca Miller, Maggie Rashaw, Hannah Seyler and McKayla Whiteside.

The production team includes Crystal Addison, Nicole Barnes, Tim Castell, Anna Guzman, Tiffany Jordan, Kennedy Largin, Jessica Mayhew, Andrea Montez, Torrie Sanders and McKayla Whiteside.

Florida School of the Arts, serving the entire state of Florida, is part of the academic and administrative structure of SJR State and awards associate degrees in acting, dance performance, musical theater, stage management, theater technology, graphic design/new media and studio art. For more information, call (386) 312-4300 or visit FloArts.



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