FloArts presents “The Revolutionists,” a feisty, feminist comedy

Revolutionists cast
Revolutionists play scene

Florida School of the Arts presents “The Revolutionists,” by Lauren Gunderson, October 27 – 30, Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday and 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door. The performance contains adult content and language. The American Sign Language ASL interpreter has been rescheduled for the Sunday 2:30 p.m. matinee.

Set in 1793, this feisty, feminist historical comedy features a queen, an assassin, an activist, and a Haitian rebel – all well-deserving of their “badass” reputation during the French Revolution’s reign of terror. The four women, Marie Antoinette, Charlotte Corday, Olympe De Gouges, and Marianne Angelle, embrace their fight and balance between art and politics, as well as the bonds of sisterhood and loyalty between friends.

According to FloArts play director Kevin Kelly, the play promises loads of fun, while also exhibiting a great deal of depth. “It’s not a shallow play by any means. There’s a lot of depth and thoughtfulness to the play and the aspirations of democracy - the sometimes fragility of democracy,” Kelly said. “It mimics our current national politics and speaks to our time in a way that’s thoughtful and funny at the same time.”

To assist in directing, Kelly recruited acting student Amanda Gazy. Kelly said he has observed how the students take on a different kind of ownership with their roles when directed by a fellow student.

“They do tend to own the work and the choices they make during rehearsals. They own it a bit more and bring more colors to it when one of their own is suggesting,” Kelly said. “They’re not just following directions or trying to please me when they are working with her. That kind of ownership of work and that process is what we’re really trying to teach them more than anything else. It’s how to be your own self - how to be the engine of your own creativity.”

Gazy said that directing her fellow classmates and experiencing acting from a different perspective has been rewarding. “Being able to take what you need out of an actor and paint them with it and release their potential, release their fears, and bring them to a place they need to be on the stage is incredible and very fulfilling,” Gazy said. “It’s something I’ve enjoyed more than I thought I would. We’re all here to create something amazing, but we can’t do it with just the actors. I’m learning to appreciate every role (scene design, lighting, directing) a lot more.”

The cast includes: Alicia Griffin as Olympe de Gouges, Chelsey Lake as Marianne Angelle, Lucy Jones as Charlotte Corday and Jo Fletcher as Marie Antoinette.

Production includes: Amanda Gazy, Kevin Kelly, directors; Emily Schafer, costume design; Tim Castell, scenic design; Dianette Moore, lighting design; Torrie Sanders, sound design; Crystal Addison, stage manager; Tiffany Jordan, costume shop manager; Sara Tierney, Lexi Brown assistant stage managers; Lindsey Spaulding, assistant to the costume designer; Crystal Addison, Lourdes Bados, Madelyn Considine, assistant lighting design; Lourdes Bados, assistant sound design; Tiffany Jordan, Emily Schafer, cutter/draper; Shera Hebblewhite, Lindsey Spaulding, first hand; Angelica Cintron-Caraballo, Evan Tomczak, stichers; Kennedy Largin, paint charge artist; Dianette Moore, light board operator; Lourdes Bados, sound board operator; Lindsey Spaulding, dresser; Padraig Kinnare, house manager. Scenic construction crew: Todd Allen, Lourdes Bados, Zachary Brunke, Madelyn Considine, Elisa Crivelli, Tuesday Flewellyn, Kennedy Largin, Corey McKinney, Dianette Moore, and Sara Tierney.

Costume construction crew: Lexi Brown, Libby Burton, Jo Fletcher, and Reid Norris.

Serving the entire state of Florida, FloArts is part of the academic and administrative structure of SJR State and awards associate degrees in acting, dance performance, musical theater, stage management, theater technology, graphic design/new media and studio art. Admission is based on an audition or portfolio review, an interview with the faculty and admission to SJR State.

Florida School of the Arts is located on the Palatka Campus of St. Johns River State College – 5001 St. Johns Avenue, Palatka, FL. For more information, call 386-312-4300 or visit FloArts.

Set in 1793, this feisty, feminist historical comedy features a queen, a Haitian rebel, an activist and an assassin – all well-deserving of their “badass” reputation during the French Revolution’s reign of terror. From front: Jo Fletcher as Marie Antoinette, Chelsey Lake as Marianne Angelle, Alicia Griffin as Olympe de Gouges and Lucy Jones as Charlotte Corday.

Olympe de Gouges (center) begins formulating her ideas against oppression and in favor of a more equal society. From left: Lucy Jones as Charlotte Corday, Alicia Griffin as Olympe de Gouges, Jo Fletcher as Marie Antoinette, and Chelsey Lake as Marianne Angelle.




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