MARCH 2021


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Risk Management & Insurance - This unique specialization allows students to receive up to 3 Florida insurance licenses after completion of the program. Completers are able to bypass the state exams.*

Tyler, what inspired your interest in insurance?
My interest in insurance was inspired by a presentation given by Professor Joel Abo. I was in an accounting class with Professor Terry Thomas when he came in for this presentation. Professor Abo discussed the growing industry of the insurance field and that a salaried position could be readily available after obtaining just one of the many insurance licenses offered through the Risk Management & Insurance (RMI) program at SJR State. Intrigued by this, I enrolled in the RMI classes the following semester. Professor Abo and Professor Thomas are very knowledgeable in the field. The courses educated me on insurance laws, principles, and real-world scenarios applicable to insurance. This has helped me in my profession today.

Please tell us about your current work.
Currently, I work for one of the oldest insurance companies in Florida. I am the Life and Health agent, offering coverage to individuals and small groups. Health plans, whole life, term, and annuities are always updating in the industry, so I'm learning about new products and services frequently. I'm so thankful for the opportunity I was given at SJR State. If anyone is interested in an insurance career or just another opportunity alongside your degree plan, I highly suggest inquiring about the RMI courses offered.

*Completion of this certificate program and a minimum, 2-year degree automatically bestows without examination up to three Florida insurance licenses (4-40, 20-44, & 2-15) through the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services.



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