SJR State Program Spotlight - Paraprofessional in pursuit of CPA license


Meet Michelle

PLEASE SHARE A BIT ABOUT YOUR STUDIES AT SJR STATE During my last semester at SJR State, I was completing my A.S. degree in Accounting Technology and was strongly encouraged to take part in an internship. One of my professors at the time knew of a CPA firm that was hiring, as it was soon to be tax season. Carr, Riggs & Ingram was willing to take me on as an intern that spring. Therefore, I was learning, firsthand, about tax season in the workplace while I was also taking a tax class at SJR State.

As a tutor at the St. Augustine campus Academic Support Center, I enjoyed being able to help fellow students and reinforce various subjects in my mind.

HOW DID YOUR EDUCATION AT SJR STATE BEST PREPARE YOU? In addition to my professors pushing me to become a better person and student by taking part in activities that I may not have otherwise done, SJR State also provided the opportunity for a smooth transition to the University of North Florida. It also opened the door to my internship at Carr, Riggs & Ingram. After earning my CPA license in September 2020, I am now a staff accountant with the firm.

Go for it! Accounting is a great field to go into. However, I know that accounting is not for everyone, so I would advise taking a couple of accounting classes first. Then, if the subject still interests you, take part in an internship to get a better idea of what you would and would not like to do.

My general advice to students would be to apply for scholarships, find a mentor and get involved.

All of my fondest SJR State memories are tied to being involved and taking part in hands-on learning. One was wading in the Guana and St. Johns rivers to take samples for Dr. Kaczmarsky’s Marine Biology and Environmental Science classes. Another was when I would travel to Downtown St. Augustine for Professor Ross’ Humanities classes to take pictures of various architectural features. Also, I joined what was for me an out-of-the-box club – the Sailing Club – and found my love for kayaking. In the Business Club, I remember participating in different events, one of which was the semester rummage sales. I am grateful for how much time and attention the sponsors gave to us business students. I even went to a concert with the Resound Club!

Interested in learning more about SJR State’s Business program? Please contact Joel Abo, SJR State Director of Business Education, at 904-808-7485.



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