St. Johns River State College
Notification of Social Security Number Collection and Usage

In compliance with Florida Statute 119.071(5), this document serves to notify you of the purpose for the collection and usage of your Social Security Number (SSN). St. Johns River State College collects and uses your SSN for the following purposes in performance of the College's duties and responsibilities. To protect your identity, SJR State will secure your SSN from unauthorized access, strictly prohibits the release of your SSN to unauthorized parties contrary to state and federal law, and assigns you a unique student/employee identification number. This unique ID number is used for all associated employment and educational purposes at SJR State.


Human Resources

Your SSN is used for legitimate business purposes for completing and processing the following:

  • Federal I-9 (Department of Homeland Security), 8U.S.C.A.§132.4a
  • Federal W4, W2, 1099 (Internal Revenue Service), 26 U.S.C.A.§6109
  • Federal Social Security Taxes (FICA), Title 26 of the United States Code
  • Distributing Federal W2 (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Unemployment Reports (FL Dept. of Revenue), Florida Statute 443
  • Florida Retirement Contribution Reports (FL Division of Retirement)
  • Worker's Comp Claims (FCCRMC and Department of Labor), Florida Statute 440
  • Direct Deposit Files
  • New Hire Information Report (FL Department of Revenue), 119.071(5)(a)6.b.,F.S.
  • 403b Contribution Reports
  • Group health, life and dental coverage enrollment
  • Supplemental insurance and deduction reports
  • Work study work assignments
  • Background checks - necessary for accurate identification for screening through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)
  • FICA Alternative Plan Participation for Part-time Employees (Bencor)
  • Special Pay Plan Participation for Qualified, Full-time Retiring Employees (Bencor)

Providing your Social Security Number is a condition of employment at SJR State.



Federal legislation relating to the Hope Tax Credit (Title 26, Internal Revenue Code) requires that all postsecondary institutions report student SSNs to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This IRS requirement makes it necessary for colleges to collect the SSN of every student. A student may refuse to disclose his/her SSN to the College for this purpose, but the IRS is then authorized to fine the student.

In addition to the federal reporting requirements, the public school system in Florida uses SSNs as a student identifier (Section 1008.386, F.S.). In a seamless K-20 system, it is beneficial for postsecondary institutions to have access to the same information for purposes of tracking and assisting students in the smooth transition from one education level to the next. All admissions applications, affidavits regarding home schooling for admission to postsecondary educational institution, former high school or college transcript request forms, letters of intent for athletic scholarships, continuing workforce education (PSAV) registration/application forms, and the adult education registration/application forms will request the student's SSN.

Financial Aid

A student's SSN is required for the following financial aid purposes: The United States Department of Education's (USDOE) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) requires all applicants to report their SSN to be used for all federal financial aid programs as a student identifier for processing and reporting. In addition to its use by USDOE as a student identifier, the SSN is required in order for the Department of Homeland Security to investigate citizenship status, for the Federal Work Study program and is required on all loan applications for use by the lender/servicer/guarantor. Forms for processing and reporting financial aid include:

Federal Work Study
Worksheets A,B,& C
Financial Aid Consortium Agreement
Authorization for Use of Federal Title IV Funds
Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid

SJR State collects a student's SSN on certain institutional scholarship applications for student files and federal and state audit/reporting purposes.

If you are a recipient of a State of Florida grant or scholarship such as the Florida Student Assistance Grant, Florida Work Experience or Bright Futures, the State of Florida Department of Education will require the use of the SSN on their grant/scholarship disbursement Web site for reporting purposes.

Workforce Programs

Programs, funded through the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO), use your SSN as an identifier for program enrollment and completion. Also, it is used for entering placement information into either the OSMIS or the Employ Florida Marketplace statewide data collection and reporting system. Because these are performance based programs, AWI requires that all participants and their program related activities be recorded in the Florida state system (Section 1008.39 F.S.). In addition, Workforce programs requiring licensure or certification may use SSN as an identifier to include.

  • Corrections
    SJR State collects SSN to verify eligibility of Corrections students to sit for the state correctional certification exam through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Emergency Medical Technician
    SJR State collects SSN to verify eligibility of Emergency Medical Technician students to sit for the National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Basic (NEMT-B) through the Florida Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Law Enforcement
    SJR State collects SSN to verify eligibility of Law Enforcement students to sit for the state law enforcement exam through Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
  • Nursing
    SJR State collects SSNs to verify eligibility of nursing students to sit for the state licensure exam for the State Board of Nursing.
  • Radiography
    SJR State collects SSNs to verify eligibility of radiography students to sit for the state licensure exam for the American Registry of Radiologic Technologist (ARRT), credentialing and exam through the Florida Department of Health - Certification Office for EMT/Paramedic/RAD Tech/RA/Med Phys.
  • Respiratory Care
    SJR State collects SSNs to verify eligibility of respiratory care students to sit for the state licensure exam for the National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC), credentialing and exam through the Board of Respiratory Care, Florida Board of Medicine/Respiratory Care.


SJR State collects contractor SSN information in order to file the required information returns with the Internal Revenue Service, as required and authorized by Federal law.


The College has transitioned from the use of SSN to generated ID numbers as unique identifiers. However, a variety of forms in the area of Admissions, Financial Aid, and Human Resources ask for either a generated ID or SSN. For statutory reference see Appendix I. Download Appendix I (PDF)