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Red Maple

Acer rubrum

The Red Maple is widely distributed throughout the state, often in bottomland forests or other wet areas. It is usually a medium sized tree, quick-growing and relatively short lived. In Florida, the common tree usually has a three-lobed, or trident, leaf, but leaves are sometimes five-lobed. The bark is smooth and light gray on young stems, and dark gray and rough on the old limbs and trunk.

The leaves are 2 to 3 inches long and have well-marked lobes, very shallow teeth, or small points, on the edge and are often a pale bluish-gray color on the lower sides with a red leaf stalk (or petiole). They are thin and firm in texture. In autumn, the leaves turn to brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow.

Dense clusters of bright scarlet flowers begin to appear in January before the leaves, with the buds turning a deep red before they open. The winter buds are small, red and round or blunt-pointed. The fruit ripens in spring. It consists of pairs of winged seeds, called samaras, one-half to one inch in length, on long drooping stems, red, reddish brown, or yellow in color.

The wood, which is commercially known as soft maple, is heavy, close-grained, rather weak and of a light brown color. It is not commonly used for commercial purposes in modern day Florida.

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Red Maple leaves 1

Red Maple leaves 2

Red Maple tree

Red Maple trees were planted in Honor of our Retirees' and their years of Services:

Alexander, Gwen - 16 years
Bement, Bill - 18 years
Blake, Billie - 13 years
Bodiford, Jackie - 9 years
Bodiford, Wayne - 12 years
Bratcher, Freddick - 7 years
Busby, Patrick - 7 years
Clark, Michael - 30 years
Crocker, Mike - 25 years
Cummings, Carmen - 31 years
Dando, Lee C. - 27 years
Drummond Lynn - 15 years
Eller, Anne - 15 years
Green, John - 11 years
Howard, Bunny - 14 years
Howard Jr., John - 10 years
Kelly, Edward T. - 28 years
Kleinpoppen, Theresa - 16 years
Lashley, Rick - 3 years
Ledbetter, Doug - 33 years
Lee, Sandra - 15 years
Mack, Jesse - 28 years
MacNichol, Marianne - 37 years
Myers, Sally - 15 years
O'Neal, Thomas - 11 years
Prince, Karen L. - 7 years
Reyes, Stella - 24 years
Scott, Jill - 15 years
Stevenson, Donna L. - 12 years
Walker, Kaye - 27 years
Whitesell, Jo Ann R. - 12 years
Williams, O'Neal W. - 35 years
Woodward, Luwana - 5 years

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