Due to industry demand and strong confidence in our students, St. Johns River State College offers a refund for tuition paid for programs that serve high-demand professional fields to students who are not hired after meeting program and professional requirements.

Students eligible for the guarantee may receive a reimbursement of tuition based on the following formula: tuition assessed minus institutional scholarships or grants received. Please note, only tuition is included in this guarantee, any fees and other expenses and/or charges are excluded.

Exceptional instructors, wide-ranging support in and outside the classroom and partnerships with local employers lend confidence to this money-back guarantee.

What programs are eligible?

Who qualifies?

  • Students who do not receive a job offer in their respective industry within six-months after graduation will be considered eligible to participate in the Money-Back Guarantee program and may request a refund for out-of-pocket tuition not to include: non-resident fees, lab fees, uniform fees, testing and examinations fees, and insurance fees.
  • Students must submit a request for refund within six months of program completion, as determined by the Florida Legislature.
  • Students must successfully complete their entire program, per the expectations set forth by the individual program of study.
  • Students must be in good financial standing with SJR State.
  • Students must be legally eligible for employment in the U.S.
  • Students must meet minimum attendance requirements as specified by the SJR State program of study.
  • Students must successfully pass any background checks and drug screening as required by prospective employers.
  • Students must be willing to travel or relocate to a new market to obtain employment within the field.
  • Students must have a documented job search of at least 20 applications that are related to the program of study.
  • Students must have worked directly with Department Leadership or Academic Support Centers for resume/employment assistance within three months of completing the SJR State program of study.
  • Students must pass all required professional credential exams for their program of study:
    • Registered Nursing graduates must pass the National Licensing Exam (NCLEX-RN) within three months of graduation.
    • Respiratory Care graduates must pass the National Board for Respiratory Care Therapist Multiple Choice (TMC) written exam and Clinical Simulation Exam (CSE) within three months of graduation.
    • Law Enforcement graduates must pass the State Officer Certification Examination within three months of graduation.

The Money-Back Guarantee Program was created by the Florida Legislature in 2021 with the Reimagining Education and Career Help (REACH) Act.

What is the initial cost?

Visit the Tuition page for more information.